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  • retp3fe retp3fe Jan 15, 2013 2:20 PM Flag


    obozo is going to parade a bunch of kids in front of the cameras that want to ban guns how touching. maybe the nra should bring some kids on that want to grow up being able to defend themselves.

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    • All they have to do is deny gun ownership in any household with a certifiable mental problem, most of these insane mass murders are committed by the mentally ill. That should be the only restriction on gun ownership, not the type of weapon that was involved.

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      • Bad Idea. The problem with your suggestion is that the term "certifiable mental problem" could be redefined through legislation and/or other regulations enforced via "Obama Care". If you don't believe in global warming... are you considered to have a mental problem? The left would argue that you do. How about obesity? Clearly you can't control your mind to tell you when you should stop eating.... get the point?

      • Yeah, it's tough but I still think I'd be in favor of that, at least unless they can perfect some type of biometric trigger lock where the handle of the gun has a built in palm reader. Anyone that is on SSRIs would meet the requirement for a household gun ban. You'd have to store them at the sheriff's office or at a gun range and ID would be required to pick them up for the day or whatever time you needed them for as long as you didn't use them on the property where you share domicile with the patient or in the presence of the patient, which I doubt very many people would want to do but that'd be an option. If they were stored in a typical off-site storage facility, a nutjob like Lanza could still have found the key and gotten the guns.

    • What used to be a respectable office of the presidency has been turned into an episode of Oprah or Jerry Springer. I'm sorry but he really should be ashamed of himself. Will he sing a song? Maybe he's been practicing his fake tears because his attempt to pull the wool over our eyes last time failed miserably, which of course was never mentioned by mainstream media but internet media was all over that.

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