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  • donziclasic donziclasic Jan 18, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    Will all of our AR's have to be registered.... state by state?

    I have AR's that I have owned for 30 years. None were ever papered. I have no police record. I would consider myself a sane, good, law abiding citizen. My question to you guys, who follow this closer then I. Will a federal law require me to register these guns?, so they know who owns them and where they are. Also if I would decide to keep them,but not register them..... I would imagine these guns would be in violation. I am thinking the FINE would out weigh owning a unregistered gun. Nationwide registration on AR's, in the eyes of the President, is not infringing on the second amendment. I disagree. For the people that do not register these weapons, the guns could not be taken out in public and enjoyed for target shooting, or hunting for that matter. I am sure we will find out. It does not look like this is going away, it seems to be ramping up. Our governor is a hunter, hopes this helps. A good and safe weekend to all of you. Respectfully, Don

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    • I have read that if finestines bill passes it would require you to register your ar's (pre ban) as class 3 (machine guns). Bad ju ju $200+ annual registration fee per gun, can't sell it, must notify atf to transport it out of state, must allow atf on your property "to inspect" anytime they want, bye bye 4th amendment,(unlawful search). While they are there inspecting your guns they will probably shoot you dog, like they did at ruby ridge. We cannot let this thing pass, our best hope is the nra every gun owner must join the NRA. If they get this thing passed next will be all simi autos pistols, rifles, and shotguns then revolvers then???

    • It's retarded of him to think that it doesn't violate the 2nd Amendment, when it would turn everyone who has been observing their Rights under the 2nd Amendment into a CRIMINAL, if they do not abide by his hypothetical illegal law to register them. The 2nd Amendment doesn't say that you have the right to keep and bear arms provided you go on a national registry and pay a fee. It doesn't say that you will be a CRIMINAL if you don't. It doesn't say that you can't pass your firearm down within your family to your children or that they have to be turned into the government when you die, to be melted down presumably (or to be sold to Mexican Drug Cartels I suppose).

    • State-by-state? No. Even after the parasites, leeches and freeloaders re-elected Bomo, there are still 30 red states and several more that are very strongly pro gun rights; e.g. Florida, Virginia. North Carolina, etc.

      Ain`t gonna happen. And I disagree that things are "ramping up". Obama`s 23 executive orders were a joke. Like shuffling papers from one side of a desk to the other.The appearance of action but nothing really done.

      Nothing meaningful will pass Congress and he knows it. He just wants this to go away.

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