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  • jack.b841 jack.b841 Jan 20, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Shooting at gun show

    At a gun show full of patriots. Looks like these good old boys need a lesson on gun handlin. Can't protect yourself at a gun show? Would probably shoot up his family in a home invasion. One is all it takes.

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    • Why I do support requiring safety training of some kind before purchase. Forget all the waiting periods and other #$%$. Just make sure folks know the ins and outs of a firearm before they get one in their hands.

      For those not liking the idea of a restriction, fine. Sell them with a special lock that can't be unlocked except by a qualified and certified instructor. If you don't have your certificate of training at the store, you can take it home with the lock and once you attend a class, it gets unlocked.

      BTW, for my money, the guy whose shotgun went off probably is a #$%$ They typically don't learn anything before doing. Conservatives, Veterans, Hunters, etc. all know the value of safety in anything you do. Heck jump off a bridge into the river, but first make sure safety protocols are in place... just in case something goes wrong.

    • tripods Jan 20, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

      The gun went off before actually entering the Gun show. A loaded shotgun went off at the gun inspection table, before it was checked and zip tied.

      The Liberal media would spin that a gun that went off at a TSA inspection table went off in the airplane since there is an agenda.

      The doofus failed gun 101; ie you consider a gun to be loaded. He had the gun pointed at folks and when it went off 3 folks got hit with birdshot.

      The gun went off before entering the gun show, the Liberal media are too stupid and too biased to do proper reporting. It went off at the inspection table, a KNOWN DANGEROUS AREA since every now and then a loaded gun is there. The doofus owner should have had the gun not aimed at anybody. The folks watching the folks at the inspection area have a small play in this matter too; ie enforce that Jimbob has no guns aimed at anybody; or gun cases for shotguns aimed at folks too.

      Your title is wrong; a typical Liberal fib; ie doofus reporting; ie dumb as the doofus who brought in the loaded gun; dumb

    • when I went to sell a gun at a gun show a police officer inspected the gun inside the front door to see if it was loaded. Then they zipped tied the gun so that it couldn't be shot. The person bringing in the weapon is also an idiot. Who doesn't check to see if the gun is loaded before bringing it to a gun show and then check it before doing anything else at the gun show.

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