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  • donziclasic donziclasic Apr 3, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    My opinion....for what it is worth...Attn. Captainwho2

    I have been in and out of RGR for the past 4 months. Did o.k. on a few trades. Was very happy. Have seen the ups and downs. Often getting in or out too early. Make a few dollars and get back in. I never have shorted this stock. But,,,,,,,investors have to realize that RGR was a 40ish dollar stock not long ago. I got back in at 56ish so I would have 200 shares in case this took off. My thoughts were, If I got a few points out of it, I would take the $600, then keep an eye on it and get back in. If not I would cost average and buy another 200 on the way down. Well, did not buy more yet. Probably pretty soon however, I will. Down 10 points and being out $1800 seems like a lot. On paper it is. I am not too worried about this for now. I will watch it carefully as many of you also do. I do know something for sure though. If I sell RGR for a loss, It will go through the roof! I'm staying in. Right now I am focusing on CAT and Joy Global. Good luck to all of you on your trades,be them long or short. That is your choice. Have a great day and we will all breath a little easier when RGR is up where it belongs. Even if that is a little while away.........

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