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  • llllorac llllorac Jun 12, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    LBO might be in the works.

    If I were considering a leverage buyout, I would look for a cash cow in an industry out of favor with no debt and back orders up the wazoo. Sound familiar? Over a period of time I would have accumulated stock on weakness then sold the stock into weakness in enough quantity to break down the stock below technical support levels to get weak handed traders to do my work for me. After breaking the moral of even ardent investors, a takeover bid by a management led group or a hedge fund will be more warmly rec'd. I'm of the opinion that neither RGR nor SWHC will be public companies before the end of Obamas administration. Gun companies can no longer be public. They need to be held privately by organizations totally immune to harassment and brow beating by the likes of the anti gun liberals like Bloomberg, Feinstein and others. The stocks should be taken out at prices at least 30% or more to today's levels. I actually like SWHC more right now, but RGR with no debt has to be getting some hard looks right now.

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