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  • retp3fe retp3fe Jul 31, 2013 9:23 PM Flag

    analysts expectations

    Looking Forward:" Analysts have a more negative outlook for the company’s next-quarter performance "
    This is from Scott Hamman .We should listen to him, after all he is the expert.

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    • He never misses an opportunity to pan RGR. Either he does not understand the industry and the company, or he is just into denial, like Anthony Weiner, who keeps digging himself into a deeper hole. Methinks Scotty is losing credibility - fast.

    • Unbelievable. He built 50% earnings growth into his negative forecast. This is a dirt chep ongoing concern. Sales may moderate next year but the company is worth twice what its trading for.

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      • LOL, he's counting on the stopped clock is eventually right effect to save him and he hopes that nobody will remember how long he was wrong for. I'll be here to keep reminding everyone that he put RGR on the SELL block on 8/14/12 and never admitted he was wrong. I hate to admit he has that much power, but I believe he is responsible for this stock being stuck in the mud basically (with some up and down volatility) and it's inability to hold its gains. If the stopped clock isn't going to be right until Obama is out of office AND/OR a pro bill of rights president replaces him, that's quite a few years of gains he has kept shareholders from.

        I'm hoping that longs will wise up before then and quit being so skittish.

        PS: Has anybody noticed how this guy never shows his face on TV? Probably doesn't dare, because then he could be questioned and put on the spot.

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