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  • mince38 mince38 Mar 13, 2014 2:20 PM Flag

    Who is Global Inc and why should we care about it hurting SWHC and RGR...opinions please

    I POSTED THIS IN SWHC BOARD. Thought you guys might not mind giving me an opinion on this too:

    Who is Global Digital and why should we care?
    I love SWHC as well as RGR. The problem is, who besides us retail people in the USA buy their products? Answer these:

    1-Does RGR and Smith make ammo and whom do they sell to?
    2-Do either ruger or smith have any military or govt contracts? THIS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT FOR EARNINGS THAN RETAIL GUN SHOPS.

    3-Do either of them sell internationally? and to whom?

    4-Global Digital inc. sells both ammo and handguns and grenade launchers, the new optical guns that aim for you, etc, and all the goodies in auto weapons the military needs. Problem...they are private. We cant buy stock! &%^%#$ the question now remains...............

    5-Will they eventually cut into rgr and smith's biz ? What brand does this co. mfgr ammo and weapons under?

    6-Isnt it time for smith and rgr ot merge so they can give a beating to glock and all the other private handgun makers we have to contend with.

    7-AND WHY just like any other brand of merchandise in a supermarket or in a high end clothes shop....why does smith and ruger bnot have generic weapons AND ammo at like half price for thiose of us who just want to shoot a damn gun and have a nice selection at home and arent worried about 'designer jeans?

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    • Also what about ATK buying up all three of the above? Why when if asked, where is the RGR expansion and new possibilities of new sales going to come from..we have no sexy stories at all? In fact we have no facts of any kind except the hope of retain America to continue stockpiling, ahhhemmm!!! excuse me I mean buying more and more weapons. Right now there are 300 million legally owned guns in the usa. Enough to arm almost every man woman and child. How much more in sales are we really going to get in the next year or 2. Also...has anyone given thought to an illegal supplier arming all the bad guys? Then what happens to both the stock price...and the country?

      Id love to rate this as a strong buy but I need a sexy story. Hell, google and facebook have more interesting news in one week than rgr and swhc get all year!!!! I must admit watching this stock along with swhc has gotten real boring.

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      • yes there are a lot of hi point haters out there writing bad reviews....I own both and have only had problems with one of the pistols and it is my wife's SR9, I bought us each one and we love them but her's will FTE when it get's about 2 17 round mags run through it, it has been back to Ruger twice each time it will work OK for awhile then start to FTE again...mine on the other hand eats anything I put in it with no problems, so I guess there are lemons in all brands. As far as revolvers yes they are less likely to fail and I love my super black hawk and my red hawk Alaskan both in 44 mag, no issues ever with them. My favorites are my lever guns from Winchester and Henry and Rossi for fun and my SR556 for serious stuff. I currently only own RGR stock in this sector, but have traded SWHC also. Never owned/traded ATK yet.

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