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  • mince38 mince38 Mar 13, 2014 2:38 PM Flag

    Will RGR have to offer auto aim technology to survive.

    I'm sure most of you heard about the company that now provides the military with long guns that do the aiming for you. You just point the gun in the right direction and a sensor hones in to a degree unmatched by a professional marksman. You think just the military will be content in having this and citizens wont demand it?

    And someone please tell me ....what massacres will we have to see here in the usa and everywhere if bands of hoodlooms get there hands on this technology and go beserk in an area where local police have nothing but out dated technology guns? And imagine the columbine, LA airport fiascos, and how far that could have escalated in the assailants were several and had that technology. Thats the scary part.

    The financial part is how do we survive as investors when you ahevb that technology and also..............ATK to contend with now?????????????????

    Also, why hasnt RGR and SWHC come out with a 'generic " brand so us poor folks can be fully equiped? What do i mean by that? Fully equiped means having a concealed carry small caliber gun like the .380 bodyguard I legally carry. Maybe a 9mm or a 357 RGR for the home or car like I bought. And then youd need a shotgun and a rifle witrh a scope for home invasions and possible rioting in your area. That to me is a good "starter package." And may I say you can sleep peacefully all your life without buying anything else. Oh. let me also add in a cheap 22 for practice at the range as ammo is no longer for middle class people anymore unless you buy 22's. This should all be under $1200 for a complete package like this. Why is there nobody offering these "packages" so lower middle class guys who work as asst managers in Home depot or mechanic shops can protect their family without taking out a loan!!!!!!

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    • if you are looking for American made low cost but decent quality in pistol & carbine, check out Hi-Point. They aren't real pretty but can get the job done on a budget. For a shotgun, there are many home defense 18" barrel 12 GA out there models between 100-300 dollars all though most are made in china. Ruger makes quality guns that also look real nice, that cost more...but each to their own I have several low cost firearms along with some collectors and others that are just plain fun to shoot.

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      • b4, I have seen some of high points hand guns. I keep reading reviews waiting to hear good things but most people say compared to the quality of ruger, why bother chancing it? In other words the argument is that until high point and the other cheapies out there have a good track record...youre betting your life if you choose to own one, in a way. You dont get a chance to "break in the gun" in real life. only at the range. So my complaint is I stay woth Ruger and also smith because i KNOW when i pull the trigger, the ammo is going to go exactly where it should. Theres a lot of interesting customer reviews that are real and honest on budsgunshop website. No one seems to give the reviews that RGR and SWHC get....yet! Im just saying for the peace of mind ruger and smith provide, it still #$%$ me off that we are being taken advantage of. And honestly, if i were to" take a shot", forgive the pun lol with another cheaper made rival, it would be with a revolver where so much less can go wrong, not a pistol where one always fears a breaking in period must take place. Which by the way, i bought a nice turkish shotgun called ASI FOR UNDER $200 from buds, but.....I still havent even broke it in yet as the ammo is so damn high. To me GLOCK, should be charging what hi point and the other cheapies do, then we all might smile a bit more.Quality and low price. If Honda and Kia can sell high quality autos cheaper than anyone, guns are made of the same stuff....steel!!!! There has to be an answer to get gun and ammo prices down. Anyway, I hesitate to buy the stock of wither of those 2. I might buy a bit of ATK only because they make for the military and retail. with them we might here a sexy story once in a while. And to be honest, if RGR lowered prices drastically to gain customer base, the stock would collapse, so either way we lose as investors or....buyers.

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    • Also what about ATK buying up all three of the above? Why when if asked, where is the RGR expansion and new possibilities of new sales going to come from..we have no sexy stories at all? In fact we have no facts of any kind except the hope of retain America to continue stockpiling, ahhhemmm!!! excuse me I mean buying more and more weapons. Right now there are 300 million legally owned guns in the usa. Enough to arm almost every man woman and child. How much more in sales are we really going to get in the next year or 2. Also...has anyone given thought to an illegal supplier arming all the bad guys? Then what happens to both the stock price...and the country?

      Id love to rate this as a strong buy but I need a sexy story. Hell, google and facebook have more interesting news in one week than rgr and swhc get all year!!!! I must admit watching this stock along with swhc has gotten real boring.

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