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  • get your stories straight! Both of you have read
    norris' statement and have come away with completely
    different interpretations. Now one of you is obvioulsy
    wrong! But you are both so mixed up, I can't tell which.
    So it has become quite laughable. As for norris, he
    hit the nail on the head when he implies that when
    lacking in substance there are those who willfully
    disregard the issues and truth and launch into personal
    attacks. But I wonder to whom he was refering? The
    question I have for foomanchak is simply this: Since you
    appear concerned, and I applaude you for it, about women
    being exploited: Would you consider a husband 'gifting'
    his wife with 11 children being a form of
    exploitation? I only have 2. I told my husband that a 3rd would
    be over his dead body!

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    • How low can the stock go given the dividend is a
      damn good question. If we look to the tobacco
      companies, which most people assume (wrongly)to be a
      comparable situation, Phillip Morris yields 5.5% and the new
      RJR yields 11.5%. For various reasons, balance sheet
      being the top one, I think Ruger should yield more on
      the MO side than the RJR, and with a little creative
      financial maneuvering, could actually yield less than MO,
      even given the current litigation mess. How? Cut the

      Now, you are probably saying, "Burse is nuts. How can
      that be? He's been talking to Elvis again." No, I've
      been consulting a CFA, who paints the following
      scenario: RGR cuts the dividend to $.60 and simultaneously
      offers to buy in 5 million shares at $12 in a Dutch
      auction. Furthermore, the company announces that the $8.4
      million in cash flow from dividends NOT paid (on both the
      existing 22MM shares and the 5MM retired) will be used to
      fund an ongoing share repurchase program, to kick in
      whenever the stock is below $12--where the yield is 5%.
      EPS, by the way, immediatly increase because of the
      reduced shares and the stock buy-in imparts a modest
      growth to EPS, which should keep the stock above $12,
      where the pro forma PE would be less than

      People disappointed in the lower dividend get a chance
      to bail out at $12, while others will be happy with
      a 5% yield and a growing EPS. The company could
      even (HORRORS!) borrow $20 million and buy in another
      couple million shares. Hell, the finances are
      compelling. But then, I dream. This is Old Bill's hobby shop
      and not mine, and if I don't like it, me and Elvis
      can just take our money--what's left of it--and go
      somewhere else.

    • And there was no AC. It really says the right to
      "bare" arms. Those constitution were just trying to stay

      One thought though, If the purpose of the
      right to bear arms is to be able to overthrow corrupt
      governments that do not represent the people then we better
      make sure that everyone can own tanks, fighter jets
      and nuclear weapons because some guys with handguns
      and rifles are not going to be able to overthrow a
      corrupt government. Where do you draw the

      And a question on the stock (if that's allowed) - How
      low could this thing possibly go since if it goes
      much lower the dividend would push towards 10%? Any
      one have an idea.

    • 1)-DOORWINDOW--thanks for reminding me of the
      memories, and many more on a personal level!! It all
      brought back many things that I was tending to forget!!
      It also brought tears to my eyes, but alas at this
      time I needed a good cry. I tend to think you know

      2)-TO ALL--(At present I don't feel that I need name
      names-Too numerous--but I'm sure that all of you know who
      you are)--All I can say is thank you for "STAND-ING
      YOUR GROUND" in the face of adversity!!!!

      3)-NOW TO THOSE--who would advocate that people like
      myself and other like minded people are nothing more
      than ignorant nuts and extremists that advocate the
      overthrow of the government, than I suggest that all of you
      look in the mirror when it comes to ignorance in
      regards to the freedoms and rights that are guaranteed to
      all of us under some old ancient and decrepit piece
      of paper called the "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED
      STATES OF AMERICA" Do any of you even realize that this
      old piece of parchment happens to be the oldest
      standing Constitution in the world today???? All others
      are mere copies that created so called "Banana
      Republics" and or so called "Socialist
      BUT NONE--GUARANTEE the rights and freedoms of its
      people. Simply because they are not "GOVERNED" -(Remember
      that word!!??)- but are "RULED" by tyrants all in the
      name of some so called democracy!! Please try to
      instill into your minds that our "FOUNDING FATHERS" did
      not give up their lives and fortunes in order to
      create some so called "DEMOCRACY" They deplored that
      form of "RULE" instead they chose an alternative
      called a "REPUBLIC" in which the people could and would
      "GOVERN" themselves!!!

      4)-Now my next question to
      any and all of you--What do you consider to be the
      "GOVERNMENT????" Since the "CONSTITUTION" begins with the words
      "WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE...." In my feeble,
      disorientated and extremist mind that can only lead to one
      conclusion!!!??? THE LAW OF THE LAND!!!! THE PEOPLE ARE THE
      GOVERNMENT!!!! But our "FOUNDING FATHERS" realizing and
      decerning the fact that all cannot speak at
      once--(DEMOCRACY!!)--otherwise chaos!! Devised and concocted some outmoded
      notion called "REPRESENTATION!!??"
      Representation was suppose to secure and protect the rights and
      freedoms of its own people without
      Therein lies the problem!!! Which really P*SSES me off!!
      Is the phrase such as---
      "People like you are
      advocating the overthrow of the government!!!" If the
      government is simply nothing more than "WE THE PEOPLE"
      choosing to be governed by ourselves under certain rules,
      Wherein lies the overthrow???

      OOOOHHH!!! Now I
      see it!!?? It must lay in the
      But when concerned Americans such as myself and
      others dare to speak out!!!??? And try to eradicate the
      vermon that has infested us all---We are now called

      Such is the case of a "HYPHENATED AMERICA!!!"

      Not too many years down the road--if the current
      state of affairs continues at its present rate???--Our
      childrens children will find themselves in bondage. By then
      it will simply not make a difference. They will have
      accepted their role in life at some elses
      Therein lays the legacy of this nation!!!!!


      "GOD" bless and take care.


    • I read a very good article about this in Shot Gun
      News. the man has been writing articles for 20 years
      and said the media and Clinton make announcements
      that actually end up encouraging nuts to start
      shooting. I know this sounds bizarre but the no guns around
      school laws and other things have had the opposite
      effect. I started reading the article and it sounded
      nutty at first but made sense. I do not know if I save
      it but it was right on target.

      They are
      pushing to disarm the U.S. population folks.

    • Do I have to give up my Browning auto 5 shotgun?
      After all if I put 5 12 ga. 00 buck shells in it I can
      put more lead in the air than an "assault" rifle with
      a 30 shot clip. Do I have to give up my colt
      woodsman automatic .22? It is really easy and fast to put
      in another clip after I've shot off the first
      I too would like to see less violence in the USA.
      I'm just afraid that once we give up "automatics" and
      violence continues we'll have to give up shotguns next and
      so on. I don't have a good solution but I don't want
      to give up my guns on the hope that that would stop
      all the violence in this country.

    • Please read my previous post. Governor Ventura
      should be honored and thanked for his defense of the
      Second Amendment. He stated it just as most of you state
      it on this board. Count Ventura on the side of
      America. If you have time, write to him.

    • ADMINISTRATION, as did a general deteriorization
      of American morals. Thus guns are not the problem.
      Governor Ventura of MN pointed out yesterday that hunting
      was a given when the Constitution was written. He
      pointed out that the Second Amendment was written to
      protect Americans from oppressive government. Yes, we
      need at least semi-automatic weapons, and yes, we need
      handguns, including those that can be easily hidden. I am
      opposed to background checks. If Ruby Ridge, Waco and
      Chinagate prove anything, it is that the American
      government is corrupt and cannot be trusted. Yakshee, you
      may be a good person who is sincere, but you are
      terribly naive and thus a danger to yourself and to your
      country. Before you attack me, I again want to point out
      that I no longer hunt. I don't carry a gun nor want
      to. I don't even like guns. BUT THE GREATEST DANGER
      fifty years from today will be in direct proportion to
      the fire power of its citizens.
      Clinton/Bradley/Gore/Wellstone/Kohl/Shumar/Kennedy/Rosie O'Donnel/Brady and other traitors to this country
      know this. We tolerate thousands of deaths every year
      in car crashes, and we must learn to tolerate some
      deaths by firearms. Freedom has a price. Again I remind
      you that school shootings came in with the Clintons
      and their "it takes a village" mentality.

    • Who really needs the kind of horsepower that an SUV gives?

    • they would have sounded just like Doorwindow.
      Face it, the world is changing and yesterday's
      solutions aren't always best anymore. I haven't heard any
      rational "liberal" (no, that's not a contradiction) say no
      one, including sportsmen, should have guns. The point
      is that automatic weapons and cheap concealable
      handguns do not have a productive place in our current
      society (did your world of yesteryears and Mickey Mantle
      include assault weapons and kids killing kids?).
      Responsible gun owners have the right to have responsible
      weapons for responsible uses--but, give me a break, who
      really needs the kind of firepower that automatic weapon

    • Sit down with a cold beer; shut off the tv, and
      think about...

      Bill Clinton
      Rosie O'Donnel
      Jane Fonda
      Paul Wellstone
      Colt caving in
      Ted Kennedy and MaryJo
      The sad
      tone of this board
      School shootings
      That's it! I'm having another beer! Gentlemen, do you
      get the impression that America is changing? I think
      about my own youth, of Mickey Mantle, Joe D., Roger
      Marris, Babe Ruth, Lou G., Harry Truman - even John
      Kennedy, Dwight E. and Ronald Reagan. I think of the
      movie, "It's a Wonderful Life" and of Jimmy S. and John
      Wayne. I remember when marriages lasted and stealing and
      murder and adultry were not considered as sports. I
      remember a gun sitting in my bedroom and several in my
      Dad's bedroom. I remember going to Mass every Sunday
      with my parents. I remember the priest talking about
      sin. I remember big houses with open porches and
      friendly people. I remember when teenagers would hurry
      across the street instead of walking slowly so that cars
      have to wait for them. I remember when the birth of a
      baby was a joy. I remember when no one even talked
      about guns and all my people enjoyed hunting. Guns
      didn't have to be locked up. I remember when we all went
      to see Mr. Heston in "The Ten Commandments" and when
      the nuns taught us that we would go to hell if we
      killed, etc. I remember delivering newspapers, working on
      the farm and the great dinners. I remember my Dad
      buying his new 1937 Ford for $600 and his new 1963 Ford
      for $3,000. Now I sit all alone and hear that Colt
      will no longer make handguns. And I think of Bill and
      Hillary and of our poor children.... One more beer, I
      think. God bless all of you.

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