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  • cbthayer cbthayer Mar 2, 1998 3:59 PM Flag

    did you do THAT!

    So your sale is the one tht crashed RGR by a $1 today? Such power. Seriously, was there specific news that affected RGR or was it pre-earnings jitters. I think I heard that Callaway Golf is expecting to miss its numbers badly, and of course that could affect RGR's earnings derived from club manufacturing.

    Looks like popping through $20/share was just a flash in the pan.

    Oh no, not this again!

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    • The New York City Council will be voting on the gun lock bill on April 14, 1998. The Committee on Public Safety, chaired by Sheldon Leffler is the group for everyone interested in the gun safety bill, to contact. Here are the E-Mail numbers to contact.
      target=new >

      There is a link to all council business at bottom of ABOVE page.
      Please read the entire page, PLEASE LOBBY FOR THE PASSAGE OF THIS BILL.

    • ...cops were killed with their own firearms more often than the criminal attacking with weapon in hand.

      Better police training would take care of this, IMHO.

    • This concept has been discussed for a couple of years now. I can remember an article in American Rifleman about this. I haven't heard anything recently, but then I've not been keeping up in that area as much as I should. It might be a very good idea. I remember reading some gun control stats that indicated cops were killed with their own firearms more often than the criminal attacking with weapon in hand.

    • The same type of article was in the Austin American Statesman concerning recent burglerys of golf specialty stores for the clubs. I'm sure they are in demand come spring...especially in Japan where the prices/club can be double or triple what they are here in the US.

      The question I had about Ruger is: Is there any info pertaining to the new "saftey gun" in development for law inforcement? This is the weapon that can only be fired by its owner and the officers partner (used with an electronically controlled cam operated by a proximity chip in a ring or watch)

    • 34 posts in the last three months? Am I the only one long this stock? Is everyone who is long this stock not interested?

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