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  • yahslehcar yahslehcar Mar 23, 1998 3:00 PM Flag

    Just wondering...(to all stocholders)

    I was wondering...

    Which thread readers/RGR stockholders also consider themselves gun collectors?

    Are you only interested in this stock because of the longterm potential? Or do you simply like Ruger firearms.

    If you own Ruger firearms, what are your likes/dislikes?

    If you live in a state that allows concealed carry, do you carry, and which firearm/caliber.

    Just hoping to get a little insight into posters on this thread.

    I didn't mention "Big Bertha" because I am not a golfer, and cannot comment on that aspect of RGR.

    Thanks for your responses

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    • Couldn't resist that.

      I have a Ruger .44 carbine that has been discontinued still NIB. Also just bought a few of the 10/22 Mannlicher
      Internationals with laminated stocks when Wal-Mart discounted them from $250 down to $130 (don't know why, it's a smart looking rifle). I
      also hunt squirrels with a Single-Six .22. My wife has a .357 Security Six. The revolvers are all good for what they are designed
      for: working, shooting sidearms. I've not shot the rifles since they were bought more for the collector/investment category.

      I also like the stock. I believe in the company as a long term growth story, particularly in light of its special alloys investment ventures. It's diversifying into some niche areas where it has expertise and can leverage its assets. I also have a great deal of respect for the attitudes exhibited by Mr. Bill Ruger. I don't know him personally, but I have spoken with people who do. They say he is as genuine as his image portrays.

      Finally, I am in part putting "my money where my mouth is." Ruger is MY "Social Responsibility Stock." There aren't many companies that you can buy into that truly have the ideals they espouse; whose image rises from its actions and not vice versa. I believe Ruger to be one. (I guess this where someone begins playing the National Anthem, the smell of Mom's apple pie wafts in, and your kids climb on your lap and say they "I love you", right?)

      Yeah, this is one of my few "emotional" buys and I have stuck through the ups and downs. Luckily I bought in at $27 pre-split a few years ago; then again at $15 post split. The stock appreciation ain't treated me badly -- not to mention the 4% dividend. I do wish they would implement a DRiP, though, and perhaps offer Direct Purchase options to "new-off-the-shelf Ruger buyers. This would increase brand loyalty, perhaps, as well as give a greater awareness to the stock itself.

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      • do you really think that Wal-Mart would really have a gun for sale that is going to be a collectors item. or better yet, do
        you really thing that if it were going to be a collectors item, Ruger would only sell them through Wal-Mart and not through
        their distributors and dealers? on another message(i don't remember which one), someone said there was only going to be about
        60000 of these guns produced. that is not a limited run. there are a lot of guns out there with less production than that, and
        won't become collectors items, so what makes you think that a gun with such a high production run will become a good investment?

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