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  • SCOTTfromRUTGERS SCOTTfromRUTGERS Mar 9, 1999 5:53 PM Flag

    RGR should forget about the dividend, an

    cheap stock.

    we would all be better off

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    • Yes, that's the model. Thanks for responding. Your endorsement is appreciated. If I buy a handgun I will probably buy the SP101, unless I find a better one before then.

    • the company will never cut the dividend because
      the ruger family owns so much of the stock and they
      like to have the income. The stock is a good long term
      buy right now and the yeild will be maintained and
      will even be increased the ruger family likes to get
      at least 5% on their holdings! If you look at the
      price history you can see the evidence for this.

      • 2 Replies to masuruha
      • What you say is true but what are they doing
        internationally? Take a look at S&W who religously send regional
        managers out around the world to talk to customers, sell
        product and report back to Mfg about what the market
        wants. All Ruger does is sit there and hope and pray
        they get some business from the International
        The trend is there.. Handguns sales in the US
        continue to decline and with all these law suits and the
        restrictions on ownership plus now the potential for
        individual liability shouldn't they get off their collective
        dead asses and be proactive in the International
        The Rugers might like their 5 points but 5% of
        nothing is still nothing and if they keep going like this
        that's what they will have in about 5 years.

      • I bought a brand new red label. 3 weeks later
        high brass jamming in the top chamber. I return it to
        the factory. They tell me it will take 30 days to
        look at. I asked them to just replace it or give me
        another gun to replace it. I have a shoot this Sunday and
        my brand new Ruger sits at the factory. I will never
        buy one of these pieces of shit again.

        YOU SUCK!"

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