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  • DeyWar DeyWar Nov 3, 2000 11:38 AM Flag

    Ted Kennedy Never Arrested/Kopeckni

    Sen. Ted "Chappaquidick" Kennedy left the scene of an accident in which his "aid" was killed and he was never arrested. He's been re-elected many times since.
    So what's the big deal with Bush?

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    • Willy and Hillary make the Rosenbergs look like
      patriots. Gore was involved in secret military sales to
      China. And of course there was no blood or brain matter
      present at the "suicide" of Vince Foster. Also, no mud on
      his shoes, despite the muddy ground he had to walk
      to, to get to his "suicide" tree. In the end, it all
      depends what "is, is." Remember "Travelgate" when Hillary
      fired the Whitehouse travel office staff and prosecuted
      the top person based on her lies? Remember how Slick
      Willy went to His Russia to celebrate the 50th Anniv.
      of VE Day - and Hillary hid in the Whitehouse?
      Remember when Slick Willy wacked off in the Oral Office
      sink after Monica mistook him for a balloon? And there
      was the cigar taste test, and the lies, and the FBI
      files, and, and...

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