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  • moniman99 moniman99 Dec 16, 1999 9:20 AM Flag

    how the bod escapes unmarked?

    now that we are all on same wave length, he is
    some insight as to what i think their game plan is.
    the bod will never approve a direct proposal from
    bull because that would force a decision at much lower
    values. that then would open them to criticism and maybe
    other actions. so all they have to do is simply do
    nothing, if bull wants rawl they will induce him to
    tender. with the tender the shareholders must make the
    decision and the liability is out of the bod hands. bull
    would get what he wants at distress price, bod gets off
    the hook by letter shareholders make their decision
    and investment bankers get a huge fee for doing
    absolutely nothing. and all this better happen in a few days
    as rawl is on the brink of not being

    your thoughts?

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