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  • ckbenergy ckbenergy May 27, 2004 2:35 PM Flag

    Strong Buy

    We firmly believe that the delipidazation process is and will be effective for removing the outer cells exposing the protein to induce the immone response. In addition, the HDL efficacy will be proven to not only inhibit the lipids (HDL) but further retroactivate the plaque in the arteries, a much more effective solution then to merely slow the process which Lipitor does currently.

    As it relates the short position, we are ready to buy a substantial position. I think the short position will be reduced just as the quickly as the news releases prove the impact of the this process and efficacy to the market.


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    • What's wrong with length of time to develope???? The new platform is about a year old, and great progress has been made in an extremely short period of time on two different fronts. The time to market will be approximately two years less than ESPR's drug, which is very complex, and is very difficult and expensive to reproduce. The LIPD process is extremely simple in comparison. The delivery of the process is somewhat more complex than taking a pill, but then again, solving a problem effectively and economically is the name of the game.

      The economic model surrounding the LIPD process is very compelling, and underlies the reason to think that another larger medical technology company will attempt to buy the company somewhere in the development progression. Seems to me...that's pretty practical and realistic thinking considering the history of important scientific breakthroughs in any area, let alone the very recent history with ESPR in this specific HDL therapy arena.

    • "know nothing"...."ranting like a child"....pretty immature name calling for somebody who just bashes without having current information. From what you've haven't been dealing with any current information for about a year. Your purpose is not for the transfer and exchange of valid information. You're being negative for some undetermined again, I say your purpose for posting is not valid. You do not deal with current information.

    • Becuse nobody ever reads anything. Lipd is the real deal!

    • Here is a link for the facts that are asscociated with the new patents and process post the Australia phase 1 trial.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful and rather patient posts. Seeking out the facts is the name of the's the only way to defeat these raids on microcap issues.

    • This is a totally different company than the one involved in this process two years ago. Those tests and those results are in the past and are not pertinent to todays science and application, except for the fact that the underlying delipidization concept is still intact. The delipidizing process is still conducted outside the body, but the process has changed significanly. Talking about what happened two years ago is not relevant or pertinent. Are you short, or just a chronic bitcher, or do you have any interest in learning why this process is a significant scientific discovery??????:

    • You need to speak to the company and preferably someone on their advisory board. I can only tell you what I believe to be the facts. Good luck.

    • Any time you extract blood from the body there is always the possibility of side effects. The question here is does the benefit of delipidazation out weigh the potential side effects. Incidentally, the side effects witnessed in Australia was a common side effect normally seen in Kidney dialysis. The company clearly indicated in its new studies and report that the side effects have been eliminated in their non - human trials. I therefore believe that the primate trials and soon human trials will demonstrate this success.