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    the news is actually EXCELLENT!!!

    First off this research is from HUMAN CLINICAL STUDIES. This deals with their HDL Therapy and Delipidation. The STATISTICAL SUPPORT is huge in my opinion,"78% of the HDL cholesterol was removed from the plasma samples, and 95% of the critical apolipoprotein A-I was preserved.
    *The delipidated plasma was shown to contain approximately 28 times more pre-beta HDL than the undelipidated (control) plasma.

    *Lipid Sciences is well positioned to respond to this potential opportunity with the development of two new therapeutic tools for the cardiology community -- a medical device and an HDL Mimetic Peptide -- both intended to enhance the reverse cholesterol transport process with the goal of plaque regression in the coronary arteries."
    news clip rewind:
    During the year ended December 31, 2005, Lipid completed an exploratory investigation of the therapeutic effect of delipidated autologous virus in chronically SIV-infected non-human primates. The results of this study, conducted at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University, demonstrated that the administration of autologous SIV viral antigen delipidated by Lipid delipidation process to chronically infected SIV-infected rhesus macaques led to an enhanced presentation of viral proteins by the animals' immune system, which was coincident with an improvement in the general indicators of overall health in these study animals. Statistical significance was reached both in the long-term survival of these animals compared to a retrospective, SIV-infected, non-immunized control group (p=0.0067), as well as a viral load reduction of approximately 90% (p=0.04), which was achieved for the nine months' duration of the study follow up period. With the successful completion of these studies, at December 31, 2005, the Company initiated a much larger, controlled non-human primate study to demonstrate both survival and viral load reduction in a statistically significant group of SIV-infected non-human primates. Lipid anticipates this study will last approximately 18 months. The study is designed to generate safety data and to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed therapeutic treatment. all kinds of new support in the scientific community backing LIPD's science is just a matter of time.

    Lipid Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:LIPD), Pleasanton, Calif., has announced that the latest results of both in vivo and in vitro studies supporting the company's Viral Immunotherapy Platform have been presented at the Keystone Symposium, HIV Vaccines: Current Challenges and Future Prospects. The Keystone Symposium is a non-profit organization directed and supported by the scientific community. This HIV Vaccine Development meeting has gained a reputation as an important forum for presenting new data in the area of HIV research and is attended by recognized experts in the field worldwide. This meeting was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada.
    Some added validity
    Lipid Sciences, Inc. Enters Into Collaborative Research and License Agreement With Elanco Animal Health Division of Eli Lilly and Company for Development of Animal Health Products
    *Collaboration to Focus on Immunological Products Directed Against Lipid-Enveloped Organisms

    more scientific support
    Publication in the Journal of Virological Methods Supports Lipid Sciences' Viral Immunotherapy Platform Strategy
    *These results further support Lipid Sciences' Viral Immunotherapy platform which is focused on the removal of lipid coatings from lipid-enveloped viruses and other lipid containing infectious agents by the application of the Company's proprietary delipidation technology. It is believed that removing the virus' protective lipid coating enhances the processing and presentation of antigen to stimulate the body's immune system to effectively fight the disease.

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