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  • dave8311 dave8311 Nov 6, 2002 1:44 AM Flag

    Got to love it........

    How many more of these are out there........


    No longer a GMAC customer

    I work for a transportation company. We are due to rotate out 80% of the fleet delivery trucks in 2003 , 36 vehicles. We have have had GM products for the last 11 years. Since I work in procurement. GUESS what the entire replacement line is going to be Ford! Roughly 38- 42 k per vehicle = 1.3 million (on the low side) in lost sales! How does that compare to your $3500.00 extortion letter.

    The best part was the GMAC fleet sales manager was livid ! I know this has to get back to some one at head quarters !!!!!!

    Just thought I would pass this along ... This is the best I have felt about this in months !!!



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    • GM's profit may increase because most of these large orders are money losers, they are created for market share only purposes

    • The wallet talks the loudest. In the last 3 months I have purchased a new motor home ($100,000), traded my Chev chassis for a new FORD. Two weeks ago I traded the wifes Blazer in for a new DODGE mini-van($35,000). I am just one person, but I'll bet my two purchases cost GM more than $3500.00.

      This is not meant as whining, just posting facts. I do not agree with GM/DTV, and contacted GM as the parent company to let my feelings be known. Their reply was generic and did not even address my complaint:

      Dear XXXXXXX,
      Thank you for contacting the General Motors Customer Assistance Center. We sincerley appreciate you taking the time to send us your comments and opinions.

      We apologize for any negative feelings that this issue has created towards General Motors. Although DirecTV is a subsidiary of General Motors, we do not dictate the programming that is offered. DirecTV provides the programming necessary to retain market share and consumer interest in all areas. Please direct any concerns or suggestion regarding programming to DirecTV. General Motors does not condone nor support any programming decisions of DirecTV.

      If you should need to contact us in the future, please e-mail us again or call our Buick Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-521-7300. Customer Relationship Managers are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Eastern Time.


      I did not care about programming, but got their generic response above. I love the part where they do "not condone nor support any programming decisions of DirecTV.". Are they as the parent company not responsible for all actions of Direct TV??

      If more individuals would take my approach, GM WOULD stand up and take notice!!