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  • patohearn patohearn Jan 21, 2003 11:46 AM Flag

    Ergen Makes Asses Of GMH Again

    Ergen is the organ grinder and GMH board are the monkeys. He consistently outsmarts and outmaneuvers the stand-still DirecTV crowd. They are unworthy of their technology. Should run a shoeshine stand.

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    • Lets all be happy. good old Harry is out there suing. He is doing what he is trained to do. I bet along the way all his lawyer friends are picking up some prety good cash too. Oh that's right he is also the head of our company, but what the hell, why should he get involved with trying run a profit making business when one can have so many nice lunches in Washington with high powered Lawyers. Will somebody on the board please get rid of these ass holes!!!!