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  • lk001_new lk001_new Jan 27, 2003 10:10 AM Flag

    The appropriate forum!

    This is in support of Sandollar! It is the proper forum to mention politics as it directly affects our country's economy and that in turn our financial future. If the educated people like us would not care to express their free will, then who will? Our president might have bigger and better things in mind but we certainly deserve to ask what they are? Do you honestly feel that our country is under some threat from Iraq, are they even capable militarily or otherwise? Does it require us to send our young men in the streets of Baghdad? Some might feel that just carpet bomb them and we won't even loose any of our soldiers, but is it morally justified to erase whole bunch of civilians and children? I think it would be justified only if we were under some immediate threat. I whole heartedly agree that Saddam is a despicable, ruthless dictator but can we look ourselves in the mirror and say thats the reason we are going there?

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    • Is it so hard to understand that Saddam kills his own and his people are enslaved by him? Finally, can't you see that he as time goes by while we are still watching our sill football and the like, that we have serious enemies that would at a heart beat kill every American that did not comply with their way of life. I however think this is more about your politics than about the future of our country and can't help but to think if Billy boy was doing this none of you so called peace loving folks would be saying a word!

    • Well here we go again! I guess you are from the mind set that if nothing is done then life in this country can go on as before. What will it take for the appeesers of the world to thake action BEFORE disaster happens. Is it so hard to understand that this guy has already used Chem.& BIO. weapons? Is it hard for you to really think how it would be if this stuff were released in our country not on someone else but on YOU?