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  • sandollor2000 sandollor2000 Feb 24, 2003 8:50 PM Flag

    A Little History

    Students of the Gulf War largely agree that Hussein's invasion of Kuwait was primarily motivated by specific historical grievances, not by Hitler-style ambitions. Like most Iraqi rulers before him, Hussein refused to accept borders drawn by Britain after World War I that virtually cut Iraq off from the Gulf. Iraq also chafed at Kuwait's demand that Iraq repay loans made to it during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

    Administration officials seemed to understand all this. In July 1990, U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad April Glaspie told Hussein that Washington had "no opinion on Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait," a statement she later regretted.

    The National Security Council's first meeting after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait was equally low key. As one participant reportedly put it, the attitude was, "Hey, too bad about Kuwait, but it's just a gas station -- and who cares whether the sign says Sinclair or Exxon?"

    But administration hawks, led by Cheney, saw a huge opportunity to capitalize on Iraq's move against Kuwait. The elder Bush publicly pronounced, "a line has been drawn in the sand," and he called for a "new world order ... free from the threat of terror." His unstated premise, as noted by National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, was that the United States "henceforth would be obligated to lead the world community to an unprecedented degree" as it attempted "to pursue our national interests."

    sandollor (:-:)

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    • Thats Knight

    • I just got done seeing the final episode of Band of Brothers [WWII documentary.] What a country we had and the people of that day. United, Moral and Patriotic. It is a sad state when some Americans will side with a mass murderer than their own President. It shows how much hate some people have and how power hungry they truly are. When Clinton bombed Kosovo the Republicans did not turn people out in the streets they put the good of the country ahead of their quest for power. You Dam�s and liberals besides not understanding how our GOV works are a disgrace to the men & women in our military. The people who should be out in the streets protesting are the mother & father of these kids demanding these uncaring bastards stop giving aid & comfort to a mass murderer. You simply hate Bush more than Saddam.

    • Hey Bozo, Hitler used the same kind of excuses when he "annexed" the Sudetenland.

      Ever hear of Chamberlin? Appeasement? WWII?

      You are an American? Why do you live here if you hate the United States so much?

      Wow!, your portfolio must really have taken a hit. You sound very bitter.

      • 1 Reply to BrightonBeachBum
      • Is that all you Right Wingers know how do, is call people who present evidence disagreeing with you Names and threaten to Kill them.

        This country is in a Mess and the current Court Appointed President is not concerned about anything but his obsession with killing Saddom and takeing over Iraq Oil for the benefit of Cheney and all thier Big Oil supporters. You forget that among the people who will die in this are American Soldiers who have families. Not to mention all the innocent people in Iraq.

        sandollor (:-:)