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  • sandollor2000 sandollor2000 Apr 17, 2003 9:51 PM Flag

    Check the Date on this One

    Direct TV is a satellite television service that's now in 10 million American households. It could be the final link in the global satellite grid Mr Murdoch's been building for 20 years.

    Jack Myers is Chief Economist with the Media Newsletter, the Myers Report.

    JACK MYERS: It's a very important part of his strategy, it's one ultimately if he had to, he could live without. But, I believe Rupert Murdoch is focused on the ability, long term to convert all of his content into a satellite plus cable distribution strategy.

    AGNES CUSACK: Rupert Murdoch has said, he would quickly double the direct TV subscriber base in the United States by significantly lowering prices and aggressive marketing through his Fox TV outlets.

    Newscorp already owns satellite networks serving 100 million households throughout the world, including Britain, India, China and Australia. Analysts say Newscorp's ability to buy consumer receiving equipment in bulk would lower the cost to new consumers.

    Direct TV also has a Latin American Unit, whose only rival in the region is Mr Murdoch's Sky TV. Both operations are running at a loss, consolidation would increase the likelihood of turning a profit. Jack Myers.

    JACK MYERS: Well if you look at Star, at B Sky B at PanAmset and now Direct TV, Newscorp would really be the first truly global distribution footprint.

    Written in 2001

    sandollor (:-:)

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    • Still pissed about the elections eh?

    • It just pisses you off when the U.S. wins, doesn't it?

    • <<Now here is something you can really sink your teeth into:>>

      Iraq was taken so easily and the WMDs were not found, it makes one Wonder if Iraq was a Threat to the USA in the first place or Bush and Cheney's excuse to invade Iraq to appease Sharon and take Iraqis Oil!!

      sandollor (:-:)

    • Now here is something you can really sink your teeth into:

      1. We defeated Iraq in less time than it took Janet Reno to take the Branch Davidian compound. That was a 51-day operation.

      2. We found evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq in less time than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.

      3. The 3rd Infantry Division and the Marines destroyed the Medina Republican Guard Division in less time than it took Teddy Kennedy to call the police after his Oldsmobile sunk at Chappaquiddick.

      4. We took Iraq in less time than it took to count the votes in Florida in the year 2000!

      5. It took way less time to "get the job done" than it took our past Supreme Commander to try and figure out what the meaning of "is," is!

      6. Iran and Iraq battled to a stalemate with no major incursions across their mutual borders after seven years; we were in Baghdad in three weeks.

      And some (you know who) are calling the Iraq effort a failed plan?

    • Sandollar and Left wingers like him have the same fundamental flaw; a deep mistrust of business and business people. In a capitalistic society (like ours), business is the bottom line. Leftists are anti business, and have a utopian view of life that is plain wrong. In his previous posts he expounds on the misdeeds of past Administarions in dealing with Iraq, etc. The real issue is that we as a country did what was necessary during those periods, based on the geopolitics of the time. The past is past, at least we as a people acknowledge what we did wrong and correct what we can. Liberals and Leftists are the biggest hipocrits and NEVER admit when they were/are wrong, like their idiotic positions on business, the military, gun control, taxes, welfare, etc. If you don't like big business, you are always welcome to leave the country for a Socialist state, I guarantee you'll then appreciate the USA much more. Hey Sandy, could we stay focused on GMH, which I am beginning to believe will have a much better future under Rupe?

    • I agree---Sandollar is obviously an uneducated moron.

    • Hey Moron, who should control the oil fields; the Gov. [boy they would Fu** that up big time] Someone that owns a bike store? Some Hollywood actor? You nut ,OIL MEN SHOULD BE RUNNING OIL COMPANIES just like CAR men should be running car companies ect. Geeeees are you over ten years old?

    • Hey,
      Didn't you like the formula in responce to
      your tax dollars to killed ratio ?

      I guess it just didn't fit your agenda.

      Well I'll post it again in case you missed

      Shouldn't the formula be;

      (U.S.A. tax dollars spent / (Iraqi People that will no longer be tortured + Iraqi People
      that will no longer be killed + Iraqi People that will no longer be raped + Iraqi People that
      will no longer be gassed) + ({Countries*their people) that will no longer be under threat
      from Iraqi invasion ) + (American People that will no longer be under threat from Iraqi
      sponsored terrorism)) ?
      We need to factor in Abu Abbas and Leon Klinghoffer in our next formula.

      • 1 Reply to yousmellthatpal
      • <<Didn't you like the formula>>

        You are talking about what may or may not happen in the future, unless you are a fortune teller, you could not know if any of those things you have in your formula will happen.

        As it stands now the cost of the killing is $60Bil and most of them are not buried yet. To try to rebuild Iraq in Killer Bush's Image of what Cheney and Big Oil wants, will cost another$160Bil of American Taxpayer Money. Since the Killing isn't over yet, the Cost per Kill may come down some.

        sandollor (:-:)

    • i'm starting to like you. you've got spunk.
      after all that thumping on you, you came up with an excellent post.

      aside from politics, which i know you're definitely a conservation democrat liberal republican..... what's your position which
      or do you come to this thread to just talk politics.

      -i'm long and strong on gmh them going to the


      • 1 Reply to terracin
      • <<what's your position which

        The success of GMH depends on how Murdock manages the Co. I think GMH will prosper under NWS management. Murdock has been very successfull in changing the The Liberal Media to The Conservitive Media. So he will get all the help he needs from the FCC and any other gov. regulatory agencys.

        Since GMH bottomed at $8 a Share, it has not closed above $12.40 before pulling back.

        The one thing I don't like about the Deal is for every 1000 shares of GMH we hold we will get 850 shares of the NewCo and the rest in NWS peferred shares. There is not much information available on the NWS shares and thier value.

        By the way GMH stock is behaving, I think a lot of people are getting out all together or thinking it would be better to wait and buy back in after the Deal is completed. That way they would not have to give up GMH shares for NWS Perferred Shares.

        The risk of that strategy is the GMH share price will keep going up while the Deal is being completed. So timeing is very important to this strategy.

        sandollor (:-:)