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Hughes Electronics Corp. (GMH) Message Board

  • kickback2ofus kickback2ofus Apr 13, 2000 6:41 PM Flag

    Does anyone think it's hit bottom yet??


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    • Hope you survived the crash!!
      I read you on
      GM/GMH. I am long GM and GMH (or should I say was on GMH
      -- sold on Friday!!).

      I am somewhat concerned
      with the direction of GMH and its exchange plan. I
      think (in the long run) GMH will do very well, if not
      exceptionally well, but short term??? I will move into F for a
      while and come back to GMH.

      As you say, if we
      survive monday we should meet and celebrate! If there is
      some stability on Monday and no additional margin
      calls or hedge fund failures then we should have a
      great day on Monday - especially for "value

      Good luck.

    • Why wait until the split? You should be buying GMH now!

    • He just hangs around with a sort of Mona Lisa
      smile between his massive antlers and makes you think
      he knows something he can't tell (because he signed
      a non-disclosure agreement, I think). (or maybe
      he's afraid Janet will send him back to Canada - he's
      here without papers anda Canuck, I'm sure, or his name
      would be Morris if he were BritCan). He is one great
      looking speciman, even if he doesn't talk

      Things got out of hand today and will be a little crazy
      again for the start on Monday until margin maintenance
      calls are believed to have been covered.

      I think
      you may see a mid day reversal thereafter. I will
      have a maintenance call based on today's cloing
      prices, but I won't be selling any GMH and it will go
      away if Monday and Tuesday are a net 1.5% upper for
      me. PanAmSay launches on Tuesday evening and Tyco
      earnings are due out during the day on Tuesday.

      More later this weekend. I'm fatigued - its been an
      attitude taxing day. I believe all existing gaps since 1
      Nov have now been filled

      Take care....and buy while the bargain sign is up.


    • If General Motors were priced stand alone, it
      would be about 65. And I agree cars are still a
      lucrative future (with little growth). General Motors can
      afford to pay good dividends to GM shareholders, who
      owns their earnings.

      Hughes is not earning a
      profit. But its price is driven largely by the net cash
      stream to come from subscriptions (as sub. capture costs
      drop) and future related business opportunites which
      may use D* or PanAmSat as a backbone or enabler. It
      shouldn't be paying dividends for more than one reason. It
      is an earnings drain on General Motors, but not on
      GM shareholders, because they have nothing to do
      with Hughes earnings.

      General Motors Board is
      in charge. Not GM (stock type). General Motors Board
      lets the tails of either dog wag (GMH or

      It is the tracking trap that makes everything
      difficult, and General Motors is having a tough time trying
      to get everyone to think that the value of Hughes is
      in its ownership, not the future earnings flow that
      GMH shareholders own.

      Remember that GMH
      shareholders own part of the auto plants but no auto earnings
      too. Maybe that makes it easier. Though it all seems
      contrary. Correct me if you find me to be imprecise or
      outright wrong.

      Let's do lunch at the Torrance
      Jumper someday soon and cogitate. Maybe we can get
      LankyHank or Majic or Kid or Pohm or other Orange/LA County
      posters to join us on a weekend. I'll buy if I don't get
      totally wiped out on Monday.


    • Hughes has a history of contributing to GM...
      maybe not last year..

      1995 $1,108,000,000
      1996 $1,151,000,000
      1997 $
      1998 $ 272,000,000

      of course the company is
      much has been selling it off mattb


      I SEE GREEN FOR ME....

    • I agree with most of what you say,

      GM owns GMH and earns $8.00 a share and there is no
      reason to believe that people will stop driving
      GMH, so far, I not contributing to GM's bottom line
      (in fact its a drain).
      GHM has panamsat but GMH is
      owned by GM!!

      This would indicate that GM is in
      charge i.e the dog wagging the tail not the

      This would indicate that GM is valued as a stand alone
      -- if GMH adds value then GM may be worth

      Check back in a year!!!

    • We've heard about the wild dogs,wolfies, foxers,
      and dingos, and I being one who has been chucking
      more into "H" everyday on its way down the abyss would
      like to ask you 1 important question....

      has the moose at the local watering hole been saying
      ??? Does he say... keep pouring more in (great buying
      opportunity), hold for now until we reach bottom, or sell, cut
      your loss'es and run like hell cause the bottom is
      nowhere in sight ???

      So please have an aqua vie,
      ask the moose, and get back with me asap

      Since I'm retired, i'm not a real long term

      Thanks much

      Da Grinch

    • Smokey33, Even John Malone is talking about this "dingo" thing. Has he posted here yet?



    • As a long time lurker (3 yrs) and a buyer of GMH
      about l month after we got our DTV dish, I just have to
      say I think you're right on the money about GMH'a
      prospects...long term. And thanks for your "dingo at the door"
      everytime I think about dem dingoes I smile.

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