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  • Whats wrong with this stock?
    From my DD the numbers look very good on this stock, but ever since I bought it has gone down. It has good earnings growth, good rev. growth. The only thing I see is that it had a good run-up since March, but earnings should sustain the growth. I'm down about $1.35.
    Usually I don't hold on to a stock very long if it starts down. This stock I thought was different and would hold. Boy was I wrong.
    This is a very quiet chat room. Maybe there just isn't much interest in this stock. Volune is pretty low. I guess I should hold but I feel like bailing out. What to do?

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    • I am guilty of believing I know what I know. I admit that.

    • I misunderstand nothing. Read your own posts sometime. I bet you sit around naked except for your crown and robe rattling the curtains and saying "I am the great and powerful OZ". Get over yourself and get some help - seriously.

    • You misunderstand -- what else is new? Were I to be giving advice, you would see utterances such as "sell this stock now". I am merely expressing my informed opinion as to what my view for the stock is here. I could care less what you do about it. In fact ... keep buying if that makes you feel better. It will not change the outcome.

    • Hey EEYORE!You keep saying your giving up on us mindless longs, so why don't you take your own advice and just go away? Your latest rash of messages expose you for the blowhard short you really are. And please, don't flatter yourself thinking people follow you around hanging on your every word. And what's with this "proprietary" crap? You have a patent on your brain? May I suggest you get some professional help, you are losing touch....

    • Let me add this: Your misinterpretation of events is precisely why I've given up. After all is said and done, despite all the correct predictions of what was about to happen here and elsewhere, people just want to believe that I didn't say what I said. And I say fine. It is not worth the effort.

      I'll leave you with this one tidbit: If you like the stock long term, then let the bottom fall out now. Those who 'know', understand why I say this.

    • You are entitled to your opinion, of course. But if you check the record carefully, you will see that: 1) I was bullish on the company from the beginning; 2) I was very vocal about when longs were screwing up & the stock went down afterwards every time.

    • knack with all do respect. i've followed your postings on this board over the past year and ahalf. the clear majority of the time - you've been wrong! predictions of it going up, and it went down, predictions of it going down, and it went up. saying if "it doesn't break 4 bucks today the company is finished" yada, yada, yada. buying and selling stock is not scientific. technicals don't mean much these days. your way to myopic with your value to the investing community. who do you think you are, warren buffet?

      no idea of the value of the latest contract exult just scored. but one thing is certain. the company seems to be doing very well, and this has been a big year. regardless of it drops to below 7 so you can get back in or breaks 10 this week, in the long run, and i'm a long, this stock is a winner.

    • You know, I spent a lot of time over the past few years trying to help people out; telling them how to beat the system that is intent on separating them from their money. Conclusion: BIG WASTE OF TIME. Obviously people are happy with the way things work. Now I use my insights exclusively to my own benefit. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

    • Can you answer this ... are your proprietary reasons based soley on technicals, or is there any fundamentals that come into the analysis?

    • That was so long ago. I'm over it!

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