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  • theirrunning theirrunning Feb 5, 2010 2:25 PM Flag

    SSS Miss Cause for Worry?

    Yes great, but it's all in the past. We've dropped over 5 points in 2 weeks. What if earnings misses? Another 3 or 4 points down? If I get a chance to get back to even at $33.09, I'll be grateful and out. The policy of no news from the company is disheartening considering what is happening to their share holders value. $3000 special once a year dividend when you hold 1500 shares is great. Down 5 points is $7500 wrong in the stock, I'm still way negative here in this space.

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    • Show me some screenshots of your $7500 loss and then I might just might believe you.
      I invest in Buckle in part because I buy from Buckle and I live in the UK. I was also buying via a shipping company even before they offered international shipping. Their website is far and away better than most, by way of selling their garments in actual size in inches instead of a lazy, vague Small, Medium or Large, which most of there competitors do.

      Also I'm 31 and can say without doubt the clothes they sell aren't just suitable for teenagers.
      When I look at Aeropostale's clothes it's easy to say no one over the age of nineteen would wear anything from there.

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      • I really don't care if you believe me. I'm certainly not going to show you anything from my personal portfolio. I've messaged on this board many times since I bought BKE stock. I bought 1500 shares ave. @ $33.09. I bought going into the special dividend. I expected like many on this board that the price would drop a few points after the dividend. No, I really don't care what you think about me. I should have bailed a few weeks ago when we hit $33.65. I stayed in due to a couple of reasons. I like the common sense and reasoning of a few on this board. I also stated back in Dec. that I went into the Buckle store in the Irvine Spectrum, in Orange County, and spoke with the manager. I told everyone here that he said they were having an excellent holiday season. Someone replied that there isn't a Buckle store in the Irvine Spectrum, was that you? Because you or they, are seriously mistaken.

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