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  • patsfan4553 patsfan4553 Mar 1, 2010 2:34 PM Flag

    What is it going to take?

    Not much activity on this board so let me try. What is it going to take to get this stock to move? earnings March 11th? what does everybody think?

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    • Just maybe BKE shares will move just when nobody can ID any clear reason for them to move at that moment. The market can be funny that way.

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      I know it won't happen but I agree Target would be a great fit. Maybe one morning. LOL. I'm just perplexed with all negativity surrounding this company. Only been in here for a while but did DD. Short interest is incredible. I know that it is hedging but 28% is amazing with the possible growth. Plus they are expanding to the East.

    • We're in the horse latitudes right now. People are scared to buy because of the 26-27$ price corrections that seem to lurk in the shadows. Price is too high for a share buy-back from corporate. Good earnings seem to be expected, so it's apparently priced in. (Good news is doing nothing and bad news kills) Quarterly dividend hike seems unlikely because 2011 tax rate could go as high as 40%. I feel the catalyst for BKE would be a split or another special dividend or both, but looking at prior years, that's pretty unlikely until fall. I'm thinking this gets stronger as time passes and people think another special is on the way. Look for how much cash per share is on the books because it's obvious the big special dividends are driving prices and offer good selling opportunities each year. I really feel that another special followed by a 3:2 split would be a smash hit for longs if earnings stay strong and Mr. Market continuing to shirk the value of BKE.

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