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  • Stroker84ci Stroker84ci Apr 1, 2010 4:16 PM Flag

    La La land

    Maybe I`m living in La La land, but under other circumstances, a company downgraded by GS and JP should have dropped like a rock.
    I think we`ve hung in there quite well actually.
    Hoping SSS numbers are anywhere near decent for March.

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    • Well put. With EPS at 2.72 at end of Q4 it's possible we could be at 3.25-3.30$ by the end of this year (a mere 8 months) the shares would have a conservative value of 50$ under those circumstances. Dividends and and/or a split would just be icing on the cake. I'll take numbers like we have here in this market environment!

    • The mighty Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan can't keep this company's stock from reaching its relative value to its peers. Stock hit 38.30 this morning, with strong momentum, could see $39 or $40 by end of the week. You can't trust GS and JP, they know strikingly little about the real value in this company and its brands; they're playing for short-sellers; not long-term investors. At 13 P/E, this company is really trading at a massive discount; the stock should be closer to $41 per share, relative to its peers. The deep-discount value investors see a company with $157 million in cash, no debt, and quarterly earnings growth of 22 percent. At that growth rate, a 13 P/E will drop to 10 P/E in less than a year. ANF is trading at 20 P/E and lost money in first half of 2009 during the recession; while BKE was posting positive same-store comps; and increasing its earnings per share with double-digit growth. Think about it. It's obvious the patient investor already thought long and hard about this and determined this is a no-brainer. BUY and BKE and hold on; this company doesn't need help from biased analysts. The results speak for themselves.

    • You can't keep a good dog down I guess lol.

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