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  • beafraid99 beafraid99 Aug 20, 2010 1:05 PM Flag

    WTF...My Money is Buckling

    BKE was trading close to $33 in the beginning of July when the DOW was 9600-9700.

    The Dow is now about 400-500 points above those levels but BKE has given up almost 10 points.

    Phuck this market!

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    • That was before they reported -7% comps for June and -9% comps for July and issued second quarter results well below estimates. Buckle has had a good track record for the past few years and everyone expects excellence.

      Now that they are under-performing with SSS compared to their peer group the stock is getting choke slammed, punched in the face, and jack-knife power bombed!

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      • That's incredibly short-sighted though, yet it is what it is. Buckle had excellent sss several years in a row. Competitors, ANF, e.g., had lousy comps and thus had easy comparisons. BKE's sales are higher than 3 years ago, ANF's aren't. And BKE holds the line on marguns and inventory. ANF lowered prices to make those sales, and their inventory ballooned.

        BKE makes money and gives it to their shareholders, among them management, which holds a large stake. ANF's ceo is selling a boatload of shares (for tax purposes this may make sense, so not necessarily an indictment, but it isn't a positive).

        Comps were down 3%. Overall sales up .9%. Slowing the downturn a tad.

        How it reacts in the near term may be contrarian. It certainly had times when it was beating on comps and went down anyway. The market has a way of messing with expectations.

        But rather than try to guess near term movements, I'd accumulate at times it is cheap ($18 would be insane, yes, 7x during an earnings lull is pretty ridiculous, but it could happen, nothing's impossible), collect 3%+ a year along with specials, and wait. Sometimein the future, comps will be up again. It cycles.

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