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  • flashapp2011 flashapp2011 Jul 12, 2011 10:52 PM Flag

    Why does this stock have such massive short interest?

    I'll tell you why.
    The company in the last few years married a style fad.
    The fad was tremendouly successful, and BKE rode it all the way up. There was no sublety in this fad- its in the face style, it screams.
    Because it became so popular, since last year that style fad has been crashing down. It is now getting to the point where most people wouldn't be caught dead going out in that style- especially the guys clothes. People will laugh at you. Brands like Guess that incorporated aspects of that fad have already moved on in their new lines.

    This company is going to get smacked. I don't hold a margin account, but if I were to short any company in the planet it would be this one.

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    • so, that explains why / how sss are up 10%??

      if anything is forever it seems to be denim

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      • Unlike 5 years ago, this company stores are not associated with denim, they are now associated to a specific style, one that is rapidly going out of style. When people think they want a different style they will think to go elsewhere.
        This didn't blow up last year because, for the mens, a lot of stores like Urban Outfitters went hard into skinny and spandex. Not a lot of guys are going to go there. In the summer just came, styles more universal, surf and skater shirts and shorts. But expect jeans season this fall to get whacked.
        I am sorry but this company is the next Chess King, the next County Seat, as two examples of companies married to a style. County Seat was primarily a denim store too, denim jeans, denim jackets, then denim shirts. Unfortunately that 1989 acid washed look went out real fast, and the puffy pleat look went out fast, then very quickly teens don't want to be seen in the store, or walking out of the mall with the store bag. It gets ugly real fast.

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