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  • chrishasty_1982 chrishasty_1982 Jun 18, 2012 12:51 PM Flag

    Selling BKE at a good price.

    Something to think about with BKE stock over the last year has come to mind.

    There has not been a period of over twelve consecutive weeks where the price on BKE stock has not been over 45$ per-share in the last year, and earnings and the balance sheet have seen marked improvements year over year.

    This is close to 52 week lows, so at this time I think 20% gains within a matter of weeks are HIGHLY likely. Where else are you going to find a deal like that right now?

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    • just fwiw, got some, 3770, why not? looming recession and bear market, maybe. could have more, bke is on my perma-watch list

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      • You're definitely on the right side of the trade at BKE. This may not be a home run, but it's almost certainly a base-hit. If you get enough of those you'll have a lot of success over time.

        BTW: I still like GFED.

        Book value is now at $14.25 (no goodwill or intangibles, all cash and equivalents)
        Current P/E is now at 7.2x
        Current share price $8 (~80% up-side just to trade at book value!)
        It's got some upward momentum at this point.

        They just bought back $5M of their $17M worth of TARP preferred stock from the US Treasury and paid for it with internally generated income. The CEO stated if earnings trends continue they will repurchase the remainder by the end of next year.

        GFED was a $30 dividend paying stock in 2007, and I think it will be at least mid-20's in 7-8 quarters. It's currently trading at $8 per-share. Darn good chance this stock is a 3-bagger in a couple years, and has a HUGE margin of safety at these prices.

        Sorry to sound like such a salesman. You might keep an eye on things there. They report Q2 earnings on (I believe) July 13th. If they earn any number above $0.25 I think it will be seen as a positive development. Their comp year-over-year is $0.19.

        Anyway, good to see you back at BKE. I always have my eye on the shares. It's not the perfect stock, but for the retail sector, it doesn't get much better than this.

        BTW... Who shorts so much of this!??

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