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  • nateoblena nateoblena Oct 19, 1998 6:30 PM Flag

    buyin more

    i think its time to buy more

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    • This is just a ratio which usually doesnt
      indicate how much value a stock is supposed to have.
      Although, I sometimes use it to pick some stocks which
      gives me some chance of gaining value. Hence, some
      stocks are percieved to be undervalued using the PE
      ratio, in the stocks sector, by the typical investor,
      which I must admit I am the typical investor(I hope):-)

    • In regards to an earlier post about the company
      being undervalued. Looking at the PE, at the close
      today it was 16.83. The industry average for its sector
      is 19.9. With estimated earnings for year end of
      $1.42, if BKE had the industry average PE the stock
      would be at $28.25. For this reason and others stated
      by other posters, the stock should be perceived as
      undervalued. I say perceived because with this market
      fundamentals alone don't always do a stock justice. Just look
      at and some other internet stocks that
      have never turned a profit but their stock prices are

    • The real downside damage has already been done.
      BKE got killed with the rest of the retail sector and
      particularly the teen retailers(WTSLA, GADZ, etc.). BKE is a
      fundamentally solid, growing company with great ROE. IMO BKE's
      fair value is low 30s.

    • All of the things you say are

      for the statement of regionally located with less
      Actually, their best perfoming stores are located where
      there is major competition such as the Gap, etc. They
      are cash rich and proceed with aggressiveness. What
      really, in my opinion, makes this company a leader of the
      retail sector is their means of restocking inventory.
      They wharehouse little to no real inventory. When an
      item is purchase at any given store, that scan
      automatically reorders to the home office and intern is ordered
      directly from the manufacturer. The entire reorder process
      takes two days. In fact, if one store is out of a
      particular item, another store will fulfill that item
      depletion the next day. If any of the big hitters of the
      industry really knew how BKE's system is opperated, they
      would try to duplicate it. I think this is a solid
      company to own.
      Good Luck

    • The market was up sharply during most of the
      but the market retraced towards the close. Yet,

      finally, Buckle held up really well.

      I can't figure
      it out. A brokerage company starts
      coverage with
      a "Hold" and the stock goes up 3 pts.

      I just
      can't figure this stock out, or the market

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