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  • Stock up over $2 a share today. Somebody knows something. Maybe earnings will beat estimates?

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    • I was really surprised by the sales
      because the company was trying to bring
      I thought same store sales would be in
      single digits not the teens.
      I think this shows the
      market that this
      company knows its market and how to
      under difficult conditions

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      • Tend to really take off when conditions improve.
        Either somebody is cooking the books, or this is another
        GAP in the making. I'm betting on the latter, I plan
        to hold all the shares I can afford to accumulate
        for a good long while...

        And this is coming
        from a guy who get's antsy to sell whenever he sees a
        quarter point or more gain to be realised. I've been in
        and out of this stock 5 times since it was last 16,
        when I first bought in, and I could have made more
        just by holding on to each and every share I'd

        Sure, I'll sell if it gets WAY ahead of itself too fast
        (like too high price to sales or price to earnings
        ratios), but only because I know there'll be a correction
        and I can get back in cheaper. Long term, I'm
        beginning to view this as my money market account...

      • maybe good for us. BKE announces earnings next Friday and based on the prior months sales results it should be a very positive announcement.

        GO BKE!!!!!!!

    • I'll give you odds that the number is closer to 51 than 49. Guess we will have to wait an see. Good Luck

    • Shorts have been having a field day this season
      after earning are announced, cause everyone is so
      nervous about the market.

      Either they play games
      in after hours/before hours market trades, and spook
      everybody into thinking that, on the day of the earnings
      release, the company fell short of expectations and is
      headed down(as they tried to do with Cisco this time
      around), - or - they collude to manipulate the price way
      down for 5 minutes at the start of a day, a day or two
      after the stock price rises, to trigger all the stop
      loss trades and pick up shares cheap. That happened
      with Acclaim today.

      So, don't panic if there's
      a short term sell-off after earnings are announced,
      and don't use automatic stop losses with your on-line
      broker. If you really are in it for the short-term and
      don't want to risk loosing your profits, put in a GTC
      limit order to sell while it's up! Also, MM's waited a
      full week after earnings were released to digest the
      news and come to a decision in the case of Acclaim, so
      don't be surprised by a slow response to the news here,
      if it is as good as you hope.

      You can read
      the details if you're more interested, on the Acclaim
      board, posted Thursday (today). Just a friendly warning
      from someone who got a bit singed, but not

      This stock was at 40 before the money managers decided
      the sky was falling. It probably had gotten a bit
      ahead of itself then. But most stocks whose fundamental
      earnings did not get beaten down by the asian problems
      have mostly recovered their value, I wouldn't be a bit
      surprised to see it back around 30 in a couple more months,
      as Christmas numbers begin to be

      Good luck to the longs! It's fun to see the shorts
      scramble for cover!

    • With the announcement today, you know that
      revenues are up 21.6% for the quarter or $96.7 million.
      Last year the profit margin was about 10%. To get to
      $0.51 the profit margin needs to have gone up to 11.6%.

    • And call it .50 That puts BKE well on track to
      make $1.50 for the year. Multiply in a conservative
      20x PE, and I get near $30 as fair value for this
      stock. There are 4 more trading days till earning are
      released (I assume they'll come out in the
      That means another point/day rise next week. Somebody
      pinch me!

      I note there is very little short
      interest in the stock, looks like the bears aren't
      convinced it's peaked, either.

      No more trading in
      and out for me, I'm taking this elevator to the top
      Good Luck to all.

    • URTZ99
      Would you please post, on this thread,
      when the elevator has reached the top floor so we can
      all get off together. I always get confused about
      which floor the elevator is on.

      Thanks Noclue

    • My broker offers a number of unique options.
      Besides the normal limit and market orders, they offer
      the forward 52 week high sell limit, forward 52 week
      low buy limit, intra-day high sell limit, intra-day
      low buy limit, and of course the highly useful
      bull-run limit, which can be used to insure you don't get
      off till the top floor!.

    • Ok, more than a $1, like 1 3/8ths. 6 up days in a
      row, any side bets we can make it 7? 8?

      Elevator ride getting a little bumpy, running into some
      market turbulence...

      Wonder what this stock could
      do when the S&P or DOW are up?

      Sure is quiet
      in here...

    • Although I have not used this thread before, I
      think now is as good as time as any. I have owned BKE
      three times previous. All have been good. I just got
      out today and will be ready to get back in should
      stock dip on profit taking. This has been its course
      recently. Additionally, seems when ever it get above 19 PE
      some smart analyst downgrades, only to be proven wrong
      by the numbers. BKE is a well-run and efficient
      company. With no debt it is directly insultated by any FED
      move. This company just makes money. By the way, I live
      in I might be somewhat prejudice. Good

    • Well, I am hoping that the movement will continue
      this week as earnings are coming out on Friday. I
      jumped in today at 25 1/2 and plan to see on Thursday
      (or sooner if it looks like it is going to tank). I
      wouldn't be surprised to see this one continue right on
      past earnings into the 30s, though. Even though I am
      getting out, my wife is a long-time holder of this

      Walter High

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