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  • loanguybrad loanguybrad Mar 16, 2004 12:31 PM Flag

    where's the news??

    Maybe I'm confused....but in the past hadn't there been much more news either from the company or analysts to hit the wires about OVTI? With the recent selling from insiders, it makes me think that perhaps things have really slowed down.....AND THERE IS NO MORE GOOD NEWS?? You would just think with the fundementals looking so good "on paper" that there would be some news. OVTI is very quiet on top of insider selling....what's up?

    I'd like to hear some opinions.

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    • Insider sales: These guys don't make doodly-squat as far as wages go, they recieve stock options instead. You just saw them cash a paycheck that is very common for corporate officers now. Institutions have decreased their holdings in OVTI 15.9% over the last reporting period. That alone is enough explanation for the price drop. It looks like it will definitely fill the gap before moving higher. If you're an investor what's wrong with holding this for a couple quarters to 3-5 years? Ilike it long term but am in no rush to go long until closer to the end of qtr.

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      • Thanks for the would think that "the insiders" do make a reasonable salary, but 16% of inside stock seems to be quite a bit to sell if the company is so good. I agree with you that over several years this company will do well either on its own or as a buyout canidate. I guess I am looking for a spike up due to P/E, PEG, earnings increases, etc. So far it hasn't happened.

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