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  • fewddsi fewddsi May 26, 2004 12:33 PM Flag

    Al-Quaida threat? GWB shame on you

    All the people in the world hate this guy except few extreme rights. American and many Iraqi became innocent victim because this cowboy. Today's announcement about Al-Quaida threat is a joke. If there is a real threat prepare calmly and don't make people panic. This war criminal, lier has only one card for election which make people worry and panic and take advantage of it. I hope our government prepare calmly, confidently and do not announce to people without real hard evidence.

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    • You sire are not worth the trouble. How you can look at yourself in the mirror is beyond me.

    • Your post pisses me off. The number is 18,000; not 185,000. The 18,000 number comes from a recent report (summarized in the media) from some European "think tank." The think tank came up with the 18,000 number simply by taking the purported 20,000 trained at the terrorist camps in Afganistan and subtracting out those killed in the war in Afghanistan. Not very impressive methodology.

    • Was Iraq a terrorist hotbed before the U.S. invasion? No.

      Why are there now 185,000 Al Queda and rising? I thought G'dub was going to chase them down, or smoke them out or whatever. According to G'dub, the war was suppose to reduce the terrorist numbers not increase them by 10x!!!!

      Ashcroft today says terrorists are in the U.S. right now plotting an imminent attack. Well then get the fuckers instead of creating piles of naked Iraqi's and playing nanny to a bunch of dirtballs. Why are our troops in Iraq then, they should be patroling OUR cities. Afterall, this isn't a law enforcement issue according to G'dub. The "War" president f'ed up, and now the terrorists are multiplying like bunnies gunning for us.

      Bin Laden loves Bush, he creates recruitment posters for him daily, and lets his operatives come ashore to blow shit up.

    • Once again where is the hate?
      All I see hate from is you and the terrorists.
      If you ask some 20 yr old on a farm in central China if he would want to live under an evil dictator, or have the chance to live in freedom which would he choose?
      Get over it your lib comments are rediculous.
      When will you learn that you are the problem?

      Loved OVTI today looking forward to more nice run ups before earnings.
      Then maybe $35.00 after a blow out earnings release yet again!
      $40.00 by Jan!


    • 'Better chance at it then sitting back and doing nothing.'

      Making it worse is better than nothing? We should have stuck to our knitting in Afghanistan, finished the job properly first. Iraq was a huge diversion of resources and a complete squandering of US goodwill worldwide. It has made us MORE hated and more vulnerable. Al Qaeda couldn't have scripted the whole bloody expensive mess any better themselves.

    • Better chance at it then sitting back and doing nothing.
      People forget that we needed help to become the great country we are today. The same could be said for the middle east in 50-75 years. Once again this is by far better than nothing.

    • 'In 50 years history will tell us that GWB was a visionary and turned the middle east into a place where freedom rules that they are today.'

      Never. Nonsense. Stupid ignorant wishful thinking.

    • French and german etc

      too weak to lead and too proud to follow,

      stop listening to the liberal media, they can screw anything up,

      why do you think ratings are falling for all networks?

      answer that and you will know why liberalism is dying

    • A list of all people who hate GWB
      1) OBL
      2) Saddam
      3) Any terrorist organization
      4) French/German/UN leaders who lost their kick backs from Saddam.
      5) Flower hugging libs who think they can solve all problems by ignoring threats and kissing up to terrorists.

      You freakin libs make me sick. Had the people of the US truely felt like this 60 years ago we would all be speaking German, and millions more would be dead long ago.
      Take some advice from a person with balls enough to get the job done. Sit down and shut up. Then realize that you are a complete idiot and have no idea how to deal with terrorists and stay out of the way until we complete the job.
      The funny thing about idiots like this is the fact that they are turning many middle of the road americans into people who hate the tactics of the libs and will most certainly sway numerous elections away from them.
      If you guys are so freaking right how come most of america thinks GWB is more honest and trustworthy than your little flip flopping kerry?
      Enough for now.

      • 2 Replies to oldtimevalues
      • A list of all people who hate GWB
        1) OBL
        2) Saddam
        3) Any terrorist organization
        4) French/German/UN leaders who lost their kick backs from Saddam.
        5) Flower hugging libs who think they can solve all problems by ignoring threats and kissing up to terrorists.

        Wake up and travel more you idiot. What the hell you know how world think about this country right now??? Extreme moron like you make this country evil face. Probably I hate OBL, Saddam and terrorist more than you. I want bring OBL and his rats to justice. However, people like you and Bush's stupid arrogant policy make more terrorists. Now you get the point??? Get the terrorist not make more.

      • You hit the nail on the head.

    • <<<I hope our government.......>>>>>

      What govt would that be?

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