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  • jamookey jamookey Jun 11, 2004 12:41 PM Flag

    the good, the bad and the ugly.

    to begin with you're an phones are not a thing of the past.
    the lawsuits are then same crap most tech companies go thru when a stock takes a deep drop due to stupidity rather than fact.
    Fact;the companies claim that they had to restate earning to the plus side.where's the grounds for a suit?
    Further more,if you were dumb enough to buy this stock in the high twenties hoping it would go higher and it didn't,that doesn't give sharholders grounds for a lawsuit.
    If CPN is the kind of company you invest in,it just goes to show you have more money than brains.

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    • I invested in CPN for the exact same reason as to why you are currently suggesting to stay involved in OVTI. It was 12/2001 and the ernon news hit which drove the whole sector down. I thought to myself at the time, wow what a great fucking buying opportunity, CPN has nothing to do with Enron, one build palnts, the other sells energy. And at the moment, it was a pretty good call. Who fucking knew what the fuck was to come. In retrospect, it was a terrible descicion. Because I lost 50% of the investment.

      The suggestion in this board is to do the same with OVTI. Well, once bitten twice shy. This thing is going into the toilet. If it was a simple miscalculation, then there would be a no lawsuits. I, myself, am really surprised how fast they have sprung up, I would of thought they would waited until at least after the 23rd. So fast they have come is another really bad sign... With CPN, it was months for they where filed.

      How come no one has asked this simple question on the board... If they made more money then they thought they did, WHY THE FUCK IS THE STOCK SINKING? Wouldn't it be going up?

      And as for having more money than brains, that is true, through all of my mistakes I have learned to make a living of a trading rather then do it for a hobby...

      So take my advice or don't, but the fact of the matter is I will reverse my 30% loss before you if you are holding out this stock.

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