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  • squintdaddy squintdaddy Jun 17, 2004 12:12 PM Flag


    the oh so smart ones said 16 and blasted anyone who disagreed - can't you realize that until there is some ACTUAL NEWS released, that there is no bottom and you will pay what you think its worth.......that being said, i am taking the experiance of being burned before from hope of recovery and sacrificing a couple points until REAL NEWS is disclosed, F all your opinions, heresay, and BS!!

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    • how do you know it will be're guessing like the rest on this board.I don't give a shit which way it goes,I don't own this stock yet.I am only pointing out to you and others that this has happened with other stocks and then when the issues are cleared up the stock soars,take CREE for example.managemaent silence is more reassurring than the bullshit on this board.

    • A couple of points.

      When you make an investment and you are down 50c, do you consider yourself a fool? I mean, I already do consider you a fool for posting at all, but really, 50c is hardly a huge error.

      The chart shows that there is reasonably strong support in the 15-16 area. And who knows who is right or wrong, but certainly, investing in anything doesn't make people greedy fools.

      LOL. You sound like you are about 12 years old or so. Or a very bitter person that lost a ton already.

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      • Nah, i am 26 and on the sidelines......I was just making the point that all those who knew the bottom was 16 in fact did not know a damn thing - they suggested it and trashed those with another OPINION, my opinion is that I am going to keep watching till next Tuesday- Been both burnt and rewarded on these situations before so i proceed w/ caution. As for the greedy fools, they are out there and no your right, its not the act of investing that makes them greedy, rather the greed that makes them make bad investments......

      • None of this trading that occurs before June 23rd matters. The volume is still high which means speculation is occuring and shorting is most likely the cause of this downtrend. This period is like the opening act at a concert, not too bad but no one really cares about what they play or what happens. Everyone is waiting on the main act and that will come after June 23rd.

    • Bottom's somewhere below $12.

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