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  • drillers_plano drillers_plano Aug 11, 2004 6:35 AM Flag

    Can anyone explain this to me?


    Why does OVTI continue to exist as a company? They would be better off to sell all their assets and fire all the employees and close the doors for good. This stock is so over valued. There is no future for OVTI, they are doomed.

    Another question:
    Where are the analysts? Where are the downgrades to sell?

    Another question:
    Why is this stock so high? I would think longs would be so happy to exit and get as much as $9 for each share. Why would you hold this stock when you know for sure 100% that it will go to zero very soon?

    I am just asking these questions because I am curious. Especially when one can invest in good undervalued stocks like RIMM, PLMO, TASR, EBAY, NFLX.........why gamble your money away????????

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    • It takes one guy like this to usually signal a bottom.

      Why would someone buy a stock at 6 times forward earnings? LOL. Is that really a question?

      Why would anyone buy the stock because it is going to zero? LOL. Yes, with well over 200 million in cash, tons of stocks go bankrupt. Why, just about every day. LOL.

      And $5. on August puts? You have to be kidding right? Anyone with any inkling of common sense would go after in the money puts, not somethign that requires a 50% down move within two weeks or would expire worthless.

      Wow. I have rarely seen someone make such a stupid post. And I am bearish. LOL.

    • It's really ridiculous what you are saying and asking. This board has completely lost it. Yes, there may be a general slow down in chip sector etc., but does that mean that every chip maker and CMOS component maker experiencing the slow down should shut down? OVTI has lots of cash has always beaten their own guidance and despite the overt negative press mainly by posters, IS an extremely well run company.

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