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  • judgeherb judgeherb Aug 27, 2004 5:51 PM Flag

    Why The Facination With OVTI???

    Micron/Hynix will squeeze them out eventually. its already happening. OVTI is a one-trick pony that will be eaten alive in a commodity market. this growth story is over and you clowns think wallstreet doesn't already know this.

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    • It's the SMALL Investor.....

      Buying, and hangin on to LOSING POSITIONS..

      ON HOPE......HOPE alone..

      It's sad.......Pitiful.. I think LOTS of people here are gonna LOSE LOTS OF $..

      I'm not a short, have previously owned OVTI, made abt $70,000 on the trade when I did (long)..But it pains me to see these folks hanging on, when I feel they shouldn't..

      Last Post for me...Good Luck, Hope I'm Wrong.......


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      • There is a time to be positive and a time to be negative on a stock. I don't know when you were positive but why be negative when it's already so low? You may have over-deducted whatever it is you may have been thinking. Take a couple of steps back. Can this thing really go much lower? Unless you are thinking fruad, I think not. The upside, however, can be explosive and huge, precisely the time to be buying. I hope you are not shorting as you may lose your pants.

      • The shorts keep beating the same dead horse. They lowered guidance, insiders sold at 20, etc. By the way, should insiders only sell at 52 weak lows. How about when insiders sold a few years ago and the stock went up another 300%, was anyone complaining then. The stock went from 25 to 9 based on everything the shorts are talking about. All of that news is now priced into the stock. It went down for those reasons its not going lower for those reasons. With a perfect balance sheet this is ripe for a takeover. Check-free has a market cap of 2.5 billion and they have less cash and only did .26 last quarter and will barely do more for the year. This is a bargain

    • $1.20/yr in net earnings for $11/sh? That's better return than junk bonds, and we are talking breakthrough technology baby!!!

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