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  • execooo1 execooo1 Sep 17, 2004 9:03 AM Flag

    CBS executives admitted for the first

    time that documents they claimed related to President Bush's Air National Guard service may have been forged.

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    • I agree with your entire post, except the point of it is who rushed this country into another Nam and who would have repected human life more and maybe not rushed us into war. Bush is a dangerous man in the regard. Now bring it home and realize jobs suck, healthcare is unaffordable to more americans than ever, poor are getting poorer and deficit is the largest it's ever been. We gotta beat bush agian.

    • What's amazing to me is that the whole country can't take a step back and look at both canidates. Look at their backgrounds, and where they are today and what issues they are focusing on. Kerry and Bush have been in politics since they were kids. FOR GOD SAKES THEY WERE FRAT BROTHERS AT YALE!!! Guess what George Bush joined the military to fly jets avoid Nam and further his political career, Kerry joined the military to be an officer, get 3 scratches so he could simultaneously be a war hero and come home from nam early. Guess what he did when he got back, he was in the POLITICAL mix talking about the atrocities and threw his medals away. To me if it walks like a Duck, talks like a Duck..... ITS A FREAKIN DUCK. Call it what it is and stop the dumbass debate about there war records cause they both have piece of crap records...By the way Bill Clinton was out smoking doobies during Nam and he was president for 8 years.
      And finally GO OVTI LONG AND STRONG!!!!

    • I stumbled upon this message board because I once owned some OVTI shares. It seems that most boards have become political debating societies. Maybe after the elections, we will get back to talking about stocks. Nevertheless, I have also been following the Memo Gate issues. In my humble opionion, Dan and CBS are owned by a publicy traded company (for profit) and are subject to normal disclosure and fraudulant type laws. In this regard, I believe that if fraud has taken place concerning the falsification of government documents, then Dan and CBS as well as the owner (Viacom) must disclose sources because a felony may have been committed and covered up. Insofar as flying in the 86 year old former secretary who has professed her dislike for Bush and using this as the main reason for turning the tables on a possible crime, I can only say that Dan's career and the President of CBS have a short shelf life. It seems that the polls are begining to express the sentiment of Americans all over the country. This seems to be a consiracy and the DNC is really killing their chances for 2004. Maybe they simply want Hillary in 2008. Also, there are more DNC advisors and they are falling over each other. Sorry for this long narrative. It simply represents my view. I will now get off of this board before I go crazy. I want to talk about stocks. Have a good day.

    • Daddy Bush did nothing to arrange for his son to avoid the war ass hole. Get you facts straight.

      Don't just say it, prove it. Your blind if you don't think so. How else could someone get time off to go campiagn? He never left the states, why if there was a war going on?
      Also asshole is one word.

    • ..if they have half-a-brain they will see right through that charlatan, John Kerry...

      If they have no brains they will vote for Bush.

      Tell me Mr war hero, what was right about Vietnam. PS my 3 uncles and father in law fought in it. I am also 8 yrs Navy also so I've served my country also. We are minority so you know we where right up front dying faster than anyone, ofcoarse none where more protected than those on the campaign trail in Texas though. So what was right about nam? We lost didn't we? Not that our men could not fight, but it was a war we could not win.

    • How brave to safe the people of Alabama from the Viet Cong... oops, sorry, not sure he was in Alabama..

      I'm surprised he's not a national war hero!

    • Man I normally try to respond nicely but this is about the dumbest unsubstantiated shit anyone could say..

      ..When Kerry visited Vietnam aboard the U.S.S. Gridley, he learned that the Swift Boat coastal patrols were safe....

      No where in Vietnam was safer than the cockpit of a training plane back in the states where this coward Bush hid out...

      .. He volunteered for that duty. Unfortunately for that coward, the Swift Boats were moved from SAFE coastal duty to DANGEROUS river duty after he volunteered....

      And how do you know this? Where you there with him and knew what he was doing?

      ...Kerry's only option, as a self-centered coward, was to try to get out of Vietnam as fast as possible. He found no quicker way that to get three Purple Hearts...

      So he shot himself 3 times? That as STUPID as the Bush Royal Family still saying they are WMD in Iraq...

      The problem he now faces is that no brave, self-respecting fighter would ever apply personally for a Purple Heart...
      And how do you know this, not being any of the above yourself?

      ..Kerry did. He is a wimp, a coward, a traitor, and a disgrace...
      Show us your balls, go to iraq today and pick up a gun and fight.

      Bush lied to the American people. He is a disgrace. He was wrong and will not admitt it. 200 billion $$$ mistake plus about 12,000 lives in all. He should rot in hell.

    • Yep. How brave to safe the people of Alabama from the Viet Cong... oops, sorry, not sure he was in Alabama, gee sorry we have lost the records... then Cheney, to busy to go to Nam but hey love making millions of taxpayers $ billing for stuff we didnt do.. quite a duet Mr Silver Spoon and Mr too busy to fight. You are one brainwashed fool, yep, thanks W for saving Alabama, maybe....

    • Very true, let's beat him again in 2004!

    • This is not an employment agency, moron...

      Evidently McDonalds does not have that question on thier application?
      Have you ever applied for anything professionally? It's not to uncommon a question.

      >> Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging...
      ..Now I understand why you like John Kerry, the most self-serving braggart ever to seek public office in the United States...

      Like Bush siad today about some Kerry statements, Whatever. If it's intelligent enough for your president, it smart enough for me to say.

      Let's beat Bush again in 2004!

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