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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Oct 15, 2004 2:25 PM Flag


    I'm long 350 at the moment but would probably sell if we had a spike up above 15. I doubt there will be significant news before the qtr. report. I took a loss on the trip down to 9. Never would have believed it could happen if it didn't. This is a very high risk/reward investment and I'd just hope that others wouldn't expose themselves too much. This is a micro/small cap stock and if you're investing a significant amount of your net worth in this my hat is off to you for swinging for the fences and hope it works. I intend to be long a lot in 2005. If OVTI does have a bad CC and the price tanks I'll be finding a way to buy a more significant amount.

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    • Just sell your lousy 350 shares and stop your negative posting.

      Forget the earning call - its going to pop with the next desigh win !!!!!!!!!!

    • - not too much to say about sell-through of OmniPixel, because it'll only be on the market 100-days after initiation of production. The process started in Aug. and will end in Nov., before Qtr ends by Oct. 31.

      - How much is the collection of cash from customers, how high is the inventory

      - How firm and how big is the order book on OmniPixel chip?

    • OVTI has a very little downside. The upward price increase from this point is almost guaranteed with all the positives they have going in what will be the hottest market of this decade. Although it is prudent to watch the trend with other semi stocks, it is no brainer with a company like OVTI where strong fundamentals and a good "CASH" flow comes with a package.

      Strong growth, new markets opening up that can utilize cheap and power efficient CMOS camera chips... low PEs.. Strong balance sheets. leader in its field. dominant merket share. hmmm. Sounds like Microsoft in its early days...

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      • If you can buy and hold for 12-24 months minimum and not concern yourself with daily price fluctuations you probably have a 95% chance of making fair to excellent money on OVTI. I'm just of the opinion that one would be much more likely to avoid any severe price pull back if you wait until after the CC to load up.

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