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  • keephouse2002 keephouse2002 Oct 15, 2004 4:26 PM Flag


    Good Point - TIME is on our side.

    If you buy and the stock drops a little - then so what ? You don't lose until you sell.

    As time goes on OVTI keeps accumulating CASH.

    This is not a typical Nasdaq POS stock that is losing money. OVTI has no debt (we all know how much $$$ per share etc). So as time goes on they are building wealth. Like having a house paid off and still collecting Rent. They have a team of very talented engineers - which is even more of a reason to buy them out. OVTI will make it on their own merits or will be purchased by a Larger giant who wants in. This is not an easy business to duplicate as the learning curve is too steep.

    Stop looking at your balance in you account. Just sit back and know one fine day we will be over $20 and then $25 soon there after. After that you would need a crystal ball to predict.

    This company has real unique Chips that are ahead of all others in their specialized field.
    There are too many new applications for our chips. The Camera Phone is just one application. You need to see what will happen when the 1st Auto deal is announced. There will be 15 million shares traded with a gap up to $21. I know most here don't believe it - but trust me I have a lot riding here and have made arrangements to acquire additional shares if we do drop anymore next week.
    Many here and been holding a long time and are tired and worn out from the wait. I don't blame them - holding a stock that is way below where you bought is the most frustrating experience a person can have.
    Also we all forget about the medical field - there a are numerous devices that monitor patients etc that require our chips.

    Just hold on tight and add more if we drop Monday. We need to shake off the day traders who bought in for the Business week article.

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