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  • general_protection_fault_ss general_protection_fault_ss Oct 23, 2004 2:20 PM Flag

    OVTI is trading with SOXX...not a good

    sign. If OVTI had any "real" strength it would have bucked friday's downward trend. At this point I don't think you even get the pre-earnings runup usually associated with this stock.

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    • I don't see any serious investor looking at the following chart and saying this stock is not exhibiting strength at a time when the Dow hit a yearly low:

    • I think you better be looking at all the technical chart to draw your coclusion. OVTI will have ups and downs but the trend is up and it is picking up steam whether you like it or not. The fundamentals are extremely positive. All the press releases seem to indicate the CMOS market is hot. JMHO.

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      • general_protection_fault_ss general_protection_fault_ss Oct 23, 2004 3:36 PM Flag

        CMOS market maybe hot and OVTI may have the best chip on the what. You still need to sell those chips. OVTI has been unable to land that "big" contract, you know NOKIA or MOT, the one when it hits the papers will make this gap up 15 points. Those contracts have been given away already and OVTI failed to land any of them. Why do you think the institutions aren't buying up this stock and sending it to $30.00. Are their chips defective...of course it political...probably with certain companies as Scott has alluded to in the past. So what gives...I'll tell you's management...They don't have the braintrust and/or connections either within the organization or on the board that will get them to that "Next Level." They need a SERIOUS CEO, they need a SERIOUS M&A person on the board, they need a SERIOUS VP of sales, a SERIOUS marketing department and a SERIOUS PR department. Yes, marketing and PR are two different animals.

    • Ah Gneral Protection

      I hope for your sake you are still not short on OVTI from 12.

      As you well know we have outperformed the Soxx for the past several mnoths. It is true we traded down with the chips on friday and we are not indepedent of the index.

      What would motivate anyone to short a debt free company with a ton of cash on hand and cutting edge technolgy with limitless growth potential. Maybe you could enlighten us.

      I admit my remarks must be taken with a grain of salt. I do not short America. I neve bet against my country.

      Shorts also annoy me in the guy betting against the roller in craps in Atlantic city . Then again I am a Mets fan

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      • Your not the oly one that does not trust the business of shorting stocks. To me that makes the game tempting for manipulation. Iether you buy a stock cuase you think it's going up or going to pay divs, or you sell it to someone else who thinks so. But to bet on a stocks demise leaves too much room for powerful people to make it so, iether for real or just imaginary. To me manipultion is possible. I would just like to see some sort of 'agency' that investigates 'illogical' stock movements for manipulation etc. Maybe part of homeland security since this type of thing could really fuckup our market if terrorist figured out a way to do it? And we know they want to attack our economy but just have not done it yet since Bush is doing a good enough job fucking it up already.
        Don't mean to sound like I believe in boogey men, but I do believe in the Mets too so there must be something wrong with me!

      • general_protection_fault_ss general_protection_fault_ss Oct 23, 2004 3:20 PM Flag

        I trade this stock every day. Lost some money in the middle of the week made some money on Friday. Never-the-less I see this stock capped in the short-term and more than likely in the long term. I look to make money in the market and have gone long on occassion with this stock when the "timing" seemed right. Overall I don't hold the same optomistic view of this company's future as so many on this board do. The reason being OVTI has difficulty executing on certain levels. Without a major contract, a takeover, or merger this stock will languish. You won't hit the proverbial "homerun" with this stock. It won't be another RIMM, Taser or Google. Now mind you OVTI has the POTENTIAL to be a homerun stock but not under current management. So I view this stock as a near-term short play (obviously at the right entry points).

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