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  • golfandfun33412 golfandfun33412 Apr 4, 2005 12:02 PM Flag


    I would like to ask the rest of the weak, pathetic longs who have not yet sold, but will shortly, to go ahead and sell and get it over with. You probably have a history of selling at the bottom so please go ahead and puke out now. By doing so it will help in notifying the big boys that it's time to run this stock back up to it's fair market value (25+). The strong longs would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    • Birdy,

      Have you NO SHAME at all left in your pathetic existence?? If you are going to spend your life posting on the ovti board 24/7, then of course when I post it will be in proximity to when you are posting. What a DUMBASS!! For any thinking person, simply go back and read the posts. This is my third post of the night, birdy CLOGS the board all day/night 24/7. Quite sad really, but that's birdy for you. A pathetic cowardly--delusional--PUNK, LMAO!!!

    • not surprised to see a big black nose!!

    • do you just sit by your computer waiting for me to post...

      so you get off or whatever!!!

    • Tyrone there's little hope of that, but at least most here have birdy and his two moronic conjoined twins trader69 and macugen figured out for the PUNKS they are, LOL!!


    • AGREED!! When will birdy stop using the OVTI board as his own personal therapy sessions??
      It's bad enough he attacks the ovti longs and posts endless lies about his "phantom trades" but why does he post here 24/7??

      Oh well guess that's why he's the ovti board KOOK, LOL LOL


    • ohlord,

      Yep, birdy's pathetic antics, shameless and SHITTY stock picks and his general KOOKY personality(s) has driven many a good poster off the board...

      And yeah, birdy has a way of overstaying his welcome.(Understatement of the century!!) I mean he even told us his own brother in law INSISTED that birdy borrow his RV and filled it up with gas for him. Hmmmm, is it possible birdy overstayed his welcome and said brother in law was willing to give away his RV and fill it up with gas for a reprieve from "the bird," LOL. If only there were such an option for the long suffering ovti board which has no such lever to silence the bird, LOL.

      In any event, much like last summer I am appreciating how this whole ovti sitch is setting up to surprise on the upside. This company is rope-a-doping the shorts and come August-December, we will be minting money on the shares gathered in this range...

      ohlord, thanks for the classic post and hilarious depiction of a day in the life of "nature birdy," LOL. But he's likely been sitting in his one room San Diego studio apartment this entire time. That's why birdy is the bathtub ring of the ovti board, a disgusting, lingering stain, that's birdy, LOL!!

      Good luck,


    • "in the past, there were people at this board that i was interested in conversing with, but they have all gone the wayside, i wonder why..."

      That from the birdwatcher....

      Ovtitruthserum, do you want to tackle this perplexing issue? I think everyone here knows the reasons. Society is a funny thing. We encounter people on a daily basis and try to be accepting and nonjudgemental. Everyone starts with a clean slate. Our own actions and pronouncements mold any subsequent perception. What could have happened to birdwatcher's buddies? No matter. Borrow a RV and go make a new batch at the concrete slabbed KOA campground. Those poor lost fools never dreamed that there was money to made in the oil patch. Birdwatcher is holding a sunrise get together where everyone gets to pull three folded strips of paper from a Padres hat. Each slip contains either 3 or 4 letters. Winners all!!! As the borrowed RV rolls out onto the highway the newly blessed vacationers look at each other and wonder aloud, " Who the fuck was that?" One man answers. " Why that was the Lone Birdwatcher!"

    • Truthserum, or should I say "miketheodosis", I think you are taking too much of one drug or not enough of another.

      You post under about 15 names and give all your posts your own recommendations. How sad.

      I'd put up with your stupiditiy if you only had correct predictions. With a man that does so much "DD" you have the worst track record I've even seen. See you at 12.27 tomorrrow.

    • Damn bird,

      That sissy whistle has you responding in no time, LOL...

      Ohlord was absolutley right, you REALLY are becoming a predictable, pathetic PUNK, LOL!! And since we don't want to trigger another UGLY birdy meltdown we will go ahead and stipulate that you are right...I am indeed an octopus with eight appendages~those are arms bird~14 computers and 23 handles, LOL LOL!!

      Birdy, you are unravelling right before our eyes. Seriously, I think it's time to unchain yourself from the keyboard, maybe venture outside into the REAL WORLD for ONCE and PLEASE seek some help!! I recognize cash is tight right now for you, due to your horrendously shitty stock picking, but maybe we can take up a collection to "repair the bird" before it's too late...

      In the meantime, keep floatin those conspiracy theories: I know it won't be a stretch for you birdy, but how about you play the "polka dot dress chick" seen at RFK's assassination?? LOL...Or maybe we can all have a "birdy sit-in" at the book depository in Dallas, LOL...

      Wow, ohlord REALLY did nail it tonight when he labeled you the "board buffoon," LOL LOL!!

    • ohlord,

      You called it once again by nailing birdy as the "board buffoon" LOL!!

      Thanks for the kind remarks and I agree with your assessment 100%!! And your eloquent and cogent post will be added to the archives to remind birdy of his pathetic ways, when he endlessly subjects the ovti board to his latest episode of "birdy therapy" or one of his tangential tantrum tirades. (Say that five times fast, LOL)...

      And yeah, I have many stocks as well and trade a few accounts for a living, but you don't see me clogging the board with the kind of 'phantom picks' like birdy does and ALWAYS after the fact, what a KOOK birdy is, LOL...

      And in the past I have fallen for birdy's "trolling for sympathy" gig only to be stabbed in the back shortly thereafter. He reminds me of that fable about the friendly frog who helps the scorpion cross the creek and then after the frog delivers the scorpion safely across to the other side, the scorpion stings him!? In amazement and shock, the frog asks the scorpion why he stung him after his selfless and kind act. The scorpion responds,..."Well, it's just my nature." That is birdy!! It's just in his nature to be a cowardly, pathetic Ahole, who attacks ovti longs and endlessly lies, LOL LOL!!

      That said, I agree with your excellent posts and appreciate your comments. I hope you are taking advantage of this fire sale and look forward to harvesting these gains down the road a bit. Good luck to you!!


      Funny line too about "watching him twitch when you pull the string," LOL

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