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  • betweenthelions2000 betweenthelions2000 Jun 16, 2005 10:47 AM Flag

    A lesson from the past

    Only once has OVTI preannounced an upgrade in their projections. On 10/29/03 prior to the close of their FQ2 and prior to announcing the date of their CC they increased their previous projection for the quarter. The increase in projection was significant, and even then, they beat it. IMHO they will not substantially beat projections for Q4. The quarter holds at best less than one month of Nokia sales. However, I believe guidance for next Q will surprize to the upside and there my friends is where the post CC run up will begin, unlike prior quarters.

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    • "...there is a marked appetite for the Acquisition of CDM Optics with expecting to perform as the main reason there and targets within 12 months," Weatherill said.

    • OVTI is forming a flag, and we are looking for a breakout. Long OVTI - The initial target is 21.90, Shorts will step into the deep fryer and burn in Hell.

    • The stock is forming a flag, and we are looking for a breakout. Long OVTI - The initial target is 21.90

    • According to Bloomberg...

      OVTI has 38% of the float short
      NSM has 5% of its float short
      AMCC has 1.5% of its float short
      SNDK has 5% of its float short
      QLGC has 4% of its float short
      BRCM has 4% of its float short
      MU has 5% of its float short.

      I could go on. What do these shorts know that we don't know??

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      • They know that, traditionaly, this management team has been their friend.....they have done little to promote the future value of the company, and nothing to aid the shareholders in their time of need.....conservatism has ruled in their guidance, to the point of fault.....if this changes this quarter, the shorts will be completely's in the lap of the gods now......

      • This means:
        More shorted shares than last month .
        Shorties are shorting more and more to drive the stock down, but it doesn't happen.
        They seem to be trapped .

        The question is: are these shorties still the mighty ones of some months ago?
        If the answer is yes , the next question is:
        What for dirty tricks can desperate cornered mighty shorties still do?
        *Can they commit a crime?
        *Will they ask Greenberg for help a second time?
        *Will they be able to produce new misunderstandings , like the one of the inventory built-up?

        Or do we really believe that this time they will act honnestly in the sense of the law and cover without use of any fishy tricks ?
        Without related trading,
        Without press manipulation,
        Without lies, insinuation or half truth?

      • Of all the stocks you list OVTI has second lowest market cap and LOWEST FLOAT. If you're going to attempt to manipulate a stock OVTI is the best candidate of the bunch. Past/ ongoing{?} sec investigation brings the attention also.

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