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  • jcbrowns jcbrowns Jun 17, 2005 9:19 AM Flag

    Intel should buy this company

    What is the logic for such a large short position in this stock? Investors that take short positions are "normally" well informed.
    All responses will be deeply appreciated.

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    • do you really think shorts are well informed or just well organized, I do not see how they would have any information the Inst. would not have.

    • I'm not a short... but it has been offered on this board as a "trading strategy." Shorts look for depressed plays, in a beat-up industry and purchase close to earnings time hoping for a miss... the depressed price caused by the institutions spurn their greed as they believe they are on the correct side of the fence...

    • The same institutions that are long are also short. They play the volatility. In fact, a good company with bad management practices with the street are ripe for making money off the high's and lows. Go check the short reports of a month ago, and then check the institutional holding positions now. It will surprise you.

      If you have a good company with inept management in dealing with the street, it put's the street "in charge". They can manipulate perceptions (play on anything they see as negative) to drop a price so they can cash out a short position, then let the naturally good performance to bring it back up as they ride a long position. You can ride this stock like a roller coaster all day long and make money both directions.

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