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  • freeme_belgium freeme_belgium Aug 24, 2005 11:55 AM Flag

    Moneycentral article


    No two-baggers here
    Before going on to more picks, let me explain some of the ideas that I won't go for. Reader Henry Clampitt, along with many others, believes the prospects for OmniVision Technologies (OVTI, news, msgs) -- a leading manufacturer of low-power CMOS sensors for digital cameras and cell phones -- are very bright

    The company has announced a lot of design wins, cash flow appears solid and shares have certainly traded down from a much higher level. But the market has pushed the stock down largely because investors believe this is going to be a highly price-sensitive, commodity-chip business even for a technology leader. Industry giant Micron (MU, news, msgs) has moved into these sensors in a big way because CMOS products -- that's short for complementary metal oxide semiconductor -- are made on lines similar to those that produce its trademark memory chips. Due to its enviable role in the industry, OmniVision may see its shares rebound 50% or more on a buyout, if a larger entity wants fast entr�e into the segment. But I don't think they're shooting back to the $26 area for a double in the next year.

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    • No, I would need an email from her, not a post or an email from her yahoo account. I would need her ISP info from the header.
      Hey Tina care to send me a picture from your personal machine so i can trace the IP and clear your name from ButtHead Tussy? IP can not be traced back to your house or address, just your ISP which is all we care about here.
      long shot

    • great work!

      Could you please locate Tina's?

      Tinashouseparty last posted at 1:14 Pm on 8/23/ #225103

      let's hope for a match here..

      If positive..we even have time to alert the people at OVTI...they could piggyback on the lawsuit...

      Pleaselet us know...

      Thank you...


    • anyone ever get an email from Tina so I can disect it? forward the whole thing. Just a long shot

    • Nice work as usual ND, keep it up!

    • You are starting to make a believable case. Keep digging futher. You have got my backing if you can prove it with some tangible evidence. There has been a pattern going on here for some time now that just doesn't see legit to me. There are several lawyers on this board. Gather all your information and maybe we can get an opinion from one of them. Golf

    • I could carte less about anything involving Tina. Tussy is just a basher. They both are worth ignoring.

    • Scute: don't care?

      if Tina is Tussy and Tussy provides "channel checks" to Adam Benjamin...anf if Tussy drives north of the golden gay bridge to sip some wine with Herb...

      Then the short conspiracy may have some legs...

      The president of did accuse Herb Greenberg on national TV of helping out the shorts and killing Overstock's stock price.

      Tina has posted here more than every one else...Under several different names...all those userid's have three things in common:
      the name Tina, they bash OVTI constantly, and all userids have high quality pictures of a female. Only an expert on the field of photography could come up with those high resolution pictures.

      All those Tina posts would be too much for one person..but would be quite simple for several people. Tussy employs 5 people and I am certain he would embark himself in that nasty job because he has a short interest in OVTI. Don't forget he showed up yesterday (24 hrs after Tina's last post) with his "honest" post to tell us the truth.

      You better care scute...this is your money we are talking about.

      Anyone Tina Tussy....or am I dellusional?

      Neither Tina nor Tussy have posted lately...they may know we have discovered their bad plan.


    • Scute,, the picture on _clits profile is that of you agree??

    • Could be, don't know, don't care.

    • thank you...

      I wrote : "1 PM in California is 10 AM in New York..."

      I meant: "1 PM in New York is 10 AM in California"

      That is when both Tina and Tussy wrote on the board 24 hrs apart.

      Thanks for your correction.

      Do you think Tussy is Tina?

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