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  • lommylom lommylom Sep 27, 2005 4:17 PM Flag

    8k filed explaining the reserves


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    • I'm as excited as you, but you are not correct about the CDM technolgy being in these chips

    • I was pleasantly surprise by the news when I woke up this morning. OVTI got by far the best products, and I couldn't believe they already incorporate the CDM technology in this 3mp products, AND the best of all, they got customers already!!!

      "enabling the use of an electronic shutter instead of the traditional mechanical shutter," Lee added. "Eliminating the mechanical shutter saves cost, but more importantly for the camera phone makers, it reduces the mechanical envelope needed, giving early adopters of this technology a competitive edge in their quest for thinner and sleeker phones. With the design win traction that we already have, we envision its widespread adoption into the high-end mobile handset market...integrated design that is rich with features such as support for auto focus, zoom and digital shutter..."

      How can OVTI competitors compete with that? I expect them to liscense OVTI technology soon!!! Here come the very high margin of lisencing!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If Baird and co was ever wrong, they will even more wrong. But they don't really care. All they care if they can manipulate and make money for their clients...and lol at the little shorts that will get fried! How can any body with any intelligent read the 8K, OVTI 10K, listened to their cc and press release like the ones this morning where they just not only announced new products far advanced from competitors, they also announced customer design wins for the product and then believe Baird, Greenbug and the gang...dumb money indeed. Just look at all the news, the company markets, business model, and most obvious of all, the valuation!

      I buy OVTI with all cash and wouldn't careless if we have to wait years or as long as it takes until next upcycle but I sure like to see justice...I can go to sleep at night know OVTI has $6/share and worth more than $30 now. If OVTI were to break the company up into pieces they can sell it for about 2 times sale, which about $15 add $6 cash you have about $21/share. In the next few quarters OVTI will show 20% to 40% growth then it should be worth about $30 to $45!!!

      The mother of all short squeeze is coming...with all the doors closing on them...just a matter of time before they see their world is collapsing on them! You play with fire, you will get burned by the fire always!

    • I think you're misreading the 8-K. The numbers for inventory (booked) are all in parentheses. That means the co. was reserving the amount in parentheses... not selling out of reserve. The figure for amount of prior reserves sold is in the row above the one for (booked) reserves. I read the info. as saying during the last quarter, the co. reserved 1.8M while simultaneously selling 5.9M of previously reserved inventory (from prior quarters and fiscal 01). Of this amount, only $400k was from 01 inventory. The rest was reserved in quarters since that time.

      The important thing to look at is the fact that the co. is selling more of its previously reserved inventory then it is currently reserving. This is a POSITIVE change from a year ago when the co. was reserving more than it was selling out of prior reserves.

    • I will buy his fund. Or let him to manage my fund too.

    • it was 1.8

      That was the purpose of explicitly stating that the reserve was created w/r/t the pre-Omnipixel chips.

      Note that the first quarter listed in the 2nd table is the first quarter after the introduction of Omnipixel.

      Note that the numbers in the 2nd row of the table, those indicating the inventory reserves booked during the quarter, are all negative.

      What they HAVEN'T disclosed, and what the analysts ALWAYS are trying to INCESSANTLY WEEDLE out of Peter is is what % of the current inventory is actually reserve.

    • <You can't be telling me someone is actually paying for this mindless gibberish?> I guess they pay for quantity, not quality. Since Tina is here 24 X 7, I presume he gets something for it. It's possible he is an independently wealthy individual with a severe OVTI-related mental problem, but the "independently wealthy" part does not ring true here :-)

    • why bother with a paid basher?

      You can't be telling me someone is actually paying for this mindless gibberish? Wow, where do I sign up.

    • I couldn't agree more. There needs to be new blood (Very strong hands) buying at these levels. The longs on this board have been whipsawed and will be cautious to buy more shares as the price crosses $ 15. New buyers to this stock will have a greater ability not to be impacted by all the bullshit baggage that has come with watching this stock since 2004.

      Tell all your friends to take a small position under $ 13 as long as its here. I would really like to see those October $ 15 puts shrink in value over the next three weeks.

    • I'm a believer in this co's fundamentals and their ability to lead by innovation. But it seems the St doesn't care what its cash position is, or its leadership role. It has had the good cash position all during the AB, HG and TG half-lies and innuendos. Guess what? So far they are winning. I'm hoping for something positive to come out of the "meeting" tomorrow.

    • No offense intended. Would you rather have a company that throws off cash like crazy or one that does not because it is simply competing (not leading)? I'd prefer the former.

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