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  • ndprops ndprops Dec 12, 2005 7:46 PM Flag

    Bush has killed more innocent people

    that the crypts ever did.

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    • With all due respect - your facts are not correct.

      SBC bought T and adopted the name (AT&T is known widely around the world) (ie the child bought the parent - although they called it a merger - it was a takeover). Cingular is a JV (LLC) of SBC (now T) with 60% and BellSouth 40%.

      T-Mobile (owned by Deutsch Telecom) was originally Voicestream (which was itself cobbled together from smaller entities - none realted to SBC. When Cingular bought AWE (ie AT&T WIreless Services (completel separate from AT&T (ie T)- they did have to divest of some spectrum due to FCC and FTC requirements. T-Mobile did buy a good percentage of these assets - perhaps adding to the confusion.)

      3G (the cdma2000 EVDO variety) is alive and well on both VZW and SPrint - although VZW is further ahead on their deployment.

      3G for Cingular (UMTS/HSDPA) is much further behind in rollout and devices. HSPDA is still very immature and does provides about the same downlink throughput as EDVO but HSPDPA requires 3 times as much spectrum to do so (with a 3.84 MHz carrier vs 1.25 MHz for cdma).

      HSPDPA also has a very poor uplink data rate of around 60kbps - this will not be solved until about 08. Meanwhile next year VZW and SprintPCS will roll out EVDO Rev A - with better downlink and uplink performance - allowing them to do VoIP over EVDO. This is why EVDO Rev A was choosen for the new target architecture for SPrintPCS/Nextel. (EVDO Rev - VoIP with PTT - killer app.)

      Cingular also currently stand alone in the world with UMTS/HSDPA in the 1900 and 850 MHz bands - therefore the availability of devices will be costly and limited. (The irony is that Cingular took the migration path they did claiming economies of scale on handset and mobile devices. Not so and a fool's argument.)

    • VZW and SPrint in the US have a significant advantage of Cingular and TMobile due to considerable more data capacity on their cdma nets vs GSM.

      VZW is VZ
      Sprint is S
      Cingular is 60% owned by T
      T-Mobile is Cingular formerly known as Southwestern Bell Corp. and changed its name to SBC Communications.

      All of them are haveing trouble upgrading to 3g nation wide roaming. If you live in a city with 3g and send it within the local cell and want to send a pic you a fine. If you want to send a pic from Kansas to LA. or NY. Good luck. You need to go take your pic to land line.

      The hardware has outstript the infrastucture for a few more years.

    • Absolutely. Ceelphones continue to blow through projections and if their patents achieve what they claim - it will take the commodity edge off the story going forward.

      One issue that still could use some work - but from a mobile operator's standpoint - cost of mailing pics and easy of use.

      VZW and SPrint in the US have a significant advantage of Cingular and TMobile due to considerable more data capacity on their cdma nets vs GSM. VZW and Sprint should be giving a couple of free photo mailings per month - in order to stimulate usage especially with kids (who are less likely to have digital cameras - thus breaking the cycle)- also it should be easier to download to your PC. We are getting there but there are still some sticking points.

    • Thanks for that - glad to get support from some really American. I am so sick of the whinning maggots that infest the media - brainwashing the masses with the lies and misrepresentations - look at the WSJ article that was posted...The NY Slimes - mutilated the story twice and the much maligned intel agency - offered cautious facts.

      I have tried to get lawyers to sue CNN for claiming they are "trusted" - it is false advertising at best.

    • BTW since you are verbalizing and taking up considerable space on this board, how do you feel about OVTI? Hope those letters resonate with you.

    • Refreshing insight from a European no less! Most of us West of the Hudson River agree with you but liberals, most of them hiding under their beds in the Big Apple, drink the lemonade dispensed by the once great rag-the NY Times. They have forgotten how to think, digest and debate because it's fed to them everyday like Pablum. Look at the bias!! 50 stories about Abu Ghraib and 2 on the Nick Berg beheading. This nation's news outlets love to self-flaggelate under the guise of taking the world view. And they still can't connect the dots as to why their readership outside of the "city" is nil. Welcome to our shores. You comprehend both the truth and the problem with the leftist bias. Read Bernie Goldberg's book "BIAS". Will PISS YOU OFF with what goes on behind the print.

    • Your a piece of shit.

    • Come on you piece of human garbage - name a place. Scumbag.

    • LOL

    • look closer to the ids - but you know that.

      Your just an asshole

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