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  • humphrey_pennyworth humphrey_pennyworth Mar 28, 2006 2:39 PM Flag

    Bernanke's blunder....

    He is going to overshoot and damage the economy just like Greenspurt. Then how will we pay the war bills?

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    • Your the first guy tonight to prove my 'anonymous bravado' point. See in person you really would not turn to a stranger who is merely excercising thier goverment given right to free speech and call them a 'pole smoking liberal' now would you? You may take up the argument and discuss it like two inteligent people or even argue about it like two drunken sailors, but you would not be calling me a pole smoker, I assure you. Anyway not looking for enemies Joe, just speak your mind and I'll respect that and you do the same.

    • Uh. Isn't the next presidential elections 2008? Missing something Libby? ;)

    • <<
      I guess you didn't know we Libs have a few Republicans in the New England States. Not all Republicans are Conservative and not all Democrats are Liberals.


      Yeah, I understand that. Actually, I would seriously have considered voting for Dean in the last election. He is not a fiscal Liberal. You fscking loons gave me Kerry instead. Go figure.

    • I guess you didn't know we Libs have a few Republicans in the New England States. Not all Republicans are Conservative and not all Democrats are Liberals.


    • Puffy are you nuts calling him a homo? It's like saying he a Democrat. We know all Republicans are Homophobic, Racists, Capitolists, God Loving, Family Oriented, Constitution Waving, American loving Patriots. We are proud as Democrats to support Gay Marriages. And another thing Jerry Spinger only lets Democrats appear on his show. He's one of us.


    • 11 million illegals ..ahw, sorry I mean 11 million undocumented citizens

      lol Have you been Boortzed?

    • Heh,

      The problem isn't Hillary. I mean she is a problem, but that is not the Democrat's main problem.

      The Democrats main problem is that its entire message is "We hate Bush".

      Fine, I hate him too, but he can't run.

      So the Dem's are going to have to come up with a different message, or they are going to get stomped.

      In the last one Dean was pretty much the only one that had a coherent message, and you folks stomped him flat. The rest were party flacks, and people pretending they were not much different than Bush. Like THAT is a selling point.

      If the Democrats really want a chance, they need to come up with a program to say what in the world they intend to do.

      The coming midterm elections are a little different, there hatred of Bush is going to sink a few Republicans. They appear to understand that. I intend to vote that dickhead Santorum out of office in PA if at all possible. I will be voting Republican in the house races at this point.

      So, folks, you are likely to be facing someone like McCain in the next election. What you got? It sure better be more than Kerry. And God help you if Hillary gets the nod.

    • Great post Ken, you tell them. I think Howard Dean's plan is working well. Let our press hit them every day with polls we control. The press is spreading the word on how much Bush is hated. That was also good you bringing up religion. There is no room for religion in our socialist world. Now if we can get those 11 million illegals ..ahw, sorry I mean 11 million undocumented citizens amnesty, we can will in 2006 with their votes. Al Gore is the leading candidate for president in 2006. Don't believe it on Hillary, she doesn't have a chance. If she runs the Republicans will bring up her campaign finance fruad and our press may not be able to supress it. What with that blowhard Limbaugh still on the air. All in all Ken you do our Democratic Party a great service, keep it up.


    • Don't know if Bush knows what's on the tapes or not. But the CIA was hoarding them, and only released them after some in the news filed suit, and Bush then pressured them to unload the whole batch. You've got to understand that there is a cabal within the CIA that doesn't wish Bush any positive news.

    • There you go again screwing up the story

      Fact: Joe Wilson did confirm that the former Prime Minister of Niger was indeed convinced that they were dealing with Iraqis - this is a matter of public record. And Wilson was not alone - two other independent intel groups found the same.

      The Plame affair stole the spotlight by design. But then again Joe has lied so many times - who can believe him.

      DON'T BREED.

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