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  • robgeoassoc robgeoassoc Jun 13, 2006 1:51 PM Flag

    My concerns...

    It's a great sign when insiders put their money where their mouths are: It is something that gives great value to a company. When insiders are constantly selling it makes the value of a company suspect. Think for a minute, if you believe that your holdings would double or triple or quadruple in the short/near term why would you ever consider selling? I believe this is one of the reasons the hedgies and the mm's and anyone else that wants to can manipulate this stock to do anything they want regardless of the value metrics that we all think are so strong.

    We have lost about 1/3 of the market value of this stock and what are the insiders of this company doing - Selling more of their shares! Not a word to defend the pps; just taking what the market will pay them every Monday for the past two years....

    Forget IR and OVTI responding to your calls: I have calls into Peter and IR today and yesterday and not a return...

    If it ever gets back to the mid $30's I am out...


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    • Everyone who has been here for very long knows the story on insider sales. The insiders are keeping their large permanent holdings. Only selling their currently exercised option shares--just money to live on, since their salaries are on the low side.

      You can try to say they lack faith, but it just isn't so.


    • the fact that on 500 shares the MM's can bring the stock down like 30-40 cents and it takes 1000's to get that value back. This has been an orchestrated drop across all markets by the big institutions. Has anyone noticed the profits of Goldman and Lehman this past week.....Huge and mostly done with trading.

    • Hong is selling because he wants to give away his shares to the poor souls as cheaply as possible. At least that is what some of his defenders are telling about his insider sales.

    • The top three guy make about $800k in salary. You almost can't live on that in silicon valley. The stock sales are pre agranged and automatic and augment their salaries. They hold $millions in stock and future options.
      It is sort of refreshing to me that these guys have generated over $300 million in shareholder cash and found the self control to not "tap the piggy bank" for themselves. I hope they do something with the cash to piss off the a special (or regular) diviend. A 2% regular dividend would really stabilize the share price....Look at MCHP...the company is way overpriced, but their 2.5% dividend has kept the shorts in their holes. How many semiconductor guys EVER pay money directly to shareholders?

    • Stock compensation programs are a real problem at this point. Got burned with the last announcement at MOT over that.

      This does not appear to be that big a hit from what I can see. Eh, but we find out Thursday, don't we?

      Still holding, at this point it does not make any sense not to. Wish I had sold some at $34 though. Oh will. Making a bunch shorting others at the moment. I am going to ride this one. Selling now seems rather stupid to me...

    • what an idiot...

      You think IR is going to return every call by every Moron like you ...wanting to know why the stock is going down....Are you really that stupid??

      OH < and you might want to check out how many times Bill Gates has Sold his stock over the last Decade?...and how many insider purchases he made......

      Please sell your shares and move on...

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