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  • bermuda_beachbum bermuda_beachbum Sep 2, 2006 8:50 AM Flag

    Wave Front Coding.

    I have been out of this stock for a while and want to know if W.F.C. is still a major factor in the future of this company.If it is,why does the future seem so bleak as the posters on this board seem to suggest.

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    • I think wave front coding will have a great future. I am also certain ovti management will do just fine. It is the long shareholder that will get the shaft in the coming months. This stock is under attack from the hedge funds and the Wall Street professionals. Be certain that the price is going lower.

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      • For the last 2 days hedge funds had been helped ovti, specially on Friday, the fought in between hedge funds and shorties so firm, so strong hedge funds was tightened ovti's frontier and didn't move. Unfortunate, one hedge funds equal to 100 shorties, blow out man. yes blown out sad...but truth. I told you sad man....
        The sadness came from ovti which had missed earning forecast and hedge funds forgave it and ovti added more headache for them with lower guidance. Couldn't save the world man.. added Labor day long weekend all messed up together all blown out to the hell.
        Tell you.

    • is big, however, like any new technology will take time and Hong does not want to count on its revenue: him beeing so conservative. It will have a domino effect. As autofocusing is so needed for cameras and phones and it will be the next big thing. There are others working on it, however I beleive OVTI is the first one to offer samples. Ovti will license this to others in the future as they can not handel all there is on their own.

    • We share the same questions ? I have invested in Ovti partially because of WFC, as others I'm sure am now loosing money. The things I do know beside for the D.D. which is available to us indivsuals.
      Hong has been selling and has gotten a better price then I can get presently, yes I feel at my expense. This just confirms insider selling is N.G. In this case it also does not reinforce the great great potential of WFC. I believe someone maybe Hong stated at this past C.C. even if successful it will be no imediate gold mine, in addition it was noted that this is just one of many new technologies they are rsearching. Something seems to be wrong with WFC,wish I had the answer for now it makes me sick thinking about when to cut my losses. By the way when a founder quits it may be time to bail!
      Presently as you can guess I have no ideas any longer it sucks for us share holders if you look at the reality of this past C.C.
      Hopes for us all,I do not think the persons who would now know about WFC will be reading the Yahoo boards!!

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      • hong has been selling shares because if he continues to hold the options expire all at once at a favorable or unfavorable share price or the options continue to drag the share price down because they continue to affect earnings per share as the share price increases.

        hong dollar averages into the shares to keep the options and the impact on earnings constant and optimized and also sells on a constant basis so that he is protected from a shareholder class action suit if he were to sell all shares at once at a high price.

        wu's leaving is not bad news. wu is only one of the founders. founders of companies often leave when either the company gets too large to be enjoyable or controllable by one individual or when the excitement of starting a company has long since faded and much money has been made. if you think wu creates value just follow where he goes and invest in what wu invests.

        there were people at ovti ready to step into place when wu left. wu did not leave a hole. wu's shares will not be counted in the earnings price costs for options and the company is now saving the costs of wu, so wu's leaving will increase earnings per share.

        The stock has significant cash per share and a low earnings per share. cyclically ovti is at its historical low historical august-september.

    • WFC is a major mover for this stock. wfc can replace $6 per camera in mechanical shutter parts, reducing camera costs and increasing ovti asp.

      here is the game in play now. the analysts are wearing ovti out over declining average chip prices.

      ovti is due to make a major announcement about wgc in september..... right on the mid fiscal year timeline they have said all along.

      so, analysts have beat down the stock to a ridiculous low valuation, knowing they can upgrade when ovti brings wfc forward.

      if you run the numbers on the ovti guidance, the 2Q outlook is very low... a 33% gross margin coupled with the minimum revenue range and the highest expense range. ovti has a high probability of beating Q2 at the time the stock is moving upward on wfc news.

      we saw $35 on this stock... we will see $80 next year.

      good luck to all long term holders.

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